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THINK AGAIN – Influential Listening

Build a Highly Cohesive, Culturally Strong Team - 5 Steps to Create an Empowering Culture

Prioritizing Chipotle’s General Manager & Throughput

Align Priorities – Improve Hiring – Monty Moran

Chipotle’s CEO’s Successful One Thing Focus

Know Where You’re Going – The Power of Swimlanes

Mindset: Fixed or Growth?

Six Methods Entrepreneurs Can Use to Improve Your Mental Health

Monty Moran’s People, Leadership, and Priority Lessons

How to Defeat Adversity & Achieve Your Goals

Differentiation – Does It Require Being the Best?

Results – Blaming Others Achieves Nothing

How to Build an Agile Environment for Learning from Home

Practice: Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive

Five Temptations of a CEO Questions

Find Your White Space - Key Attribution Framework

The Power in Your Market Place

Strategy Question - What Makes Your Brand Unique?

2021 Focus on Strategy

Annual Planning Agenda

Start, Stop, Keep – Required Annual Planning

Annual Planning – Fear or Purpose

The Secret of Life - Breath

Success at Humanocracy - Michelin

Humanocracy Example – Michelin Inspired to do Your Best

Humanocracy – Build a Meritocratic Organization

Humanocracy – Bureaucracy Threatens Meritocracy

People Quotes – Building A Harmonious Culture of Accountability

Working Relationships That Work

SMaC - Still Relevant in 2020?

Elevate Remote Workers Performance

Establish a Routine - Double Results


Stillness is the Key – Say NO

Will Technology Replace People?

FAQ’s - How Answering Others’ Questions Benefits You!

Define Your Future with a Forcing Function Press Release

Forcing Function – Help Your Team Achieve More

Gain Clarity: Write a Narrative

Innovation Requires A Different Mindset

Does Your Compensation Strategy Drive Enterprise Optimization?

Think Like Amazon – Deliver Results

Circuit City’s Lessons (Good To Great To Gone)

The Leaders Role – Mercenary or Mission Driven?

Understand Success – Your Flywheel Architecture & Extensions

How to Create Clarity, Growth, Momentum – Your Flywheel

Four Strategies to Amazon Proof Your Business

Amazon Flywheel transformed its business - Bezonomics

Ask Better Questions – Leadership is Language

How Language Sunk the El Faro – Leadership is Language

Indistractable - Control Your Attention – Handle Distraction

Indistractable – Distraction is Your Enemy

How to Avoid Willful Blindness

What is Willful Blindness

What Your Employees Need from You Now

Leadership – What’s Your Motive?

Work From Home – Working from a Hospital Room: Cancer Cured Book Excerpt

Coronavirus – Threat - Resources

Before You Hire

Why Role-Playing Fails

Identify and Prevent Sick Building Syndrome In Your Workplace

Life Doesn’t Happen to you, It Happens For You

Your Words Impact Others

Raise the Bar – Methods & Ideas to Improve Employee Engagement

Good Job Vs. Lousy Job

Utilize Social Media To Further Your Company’s Strategic Plan

Hire the Right People - Discover Locus of Control

Decision - Achieve Accountability

How Do Competitors Respond to Your Strategy?

The Best Strategy Question – Play to Win

Low-Cost vs. Differentiation - Example of Playing to Win

Using the Green Wave to Enhance Your Business

Six Common Strategy Traps & Six Winning Strategy Signs

Core Capabilities – Playing to Win

Putting Accessibility at The Forefront of Your Business

Win with Those Who Matter Most

Is Your Business Strategy Built to Win?

Responsible Leadership

How to Make Character a Habit in Your Business

American Icon – Path for Scale Ups & Strategic Discipline

How Fast Will Your Business Grow – Packard's Law

Discipline - How to Achieve Greatness!

Strategies for Getting Better Sleep

The Discipline of Innovation, Quantification, Quantification

Why Identify Your Flywheel?

Red Team Tool: Four Ways of Seeing - New Coke & Arch Deluxe Failures

Avoid A Blockbuster Failure – Red Team

Taking the Next Step As A Business Owner: When Is It Right To Retire?

Lie #9: Leadership is a Thing

Lie #8 Work-life balance matters most?

Lie #7 - People Have Potential

Lie 6: People Can Reliably Rate Other People - Idiosyncratic Rater Effect

Lie #5: People Need Feedback – Truth: People Need Attention

Lie #4 CONTINUED - The Best TEAMS are Well Rounded – 3 Strategies

Lie #4 The Best People are Well Rounded – BULL - Excellence is Idiosyncratic

Lie #3 The Best Companies Cascade Goals

Lie #2 The Best Plan Wins – Nine Lies About Work

Nine Lies About Work - #1 People Care Which Company They Work For

How Well Can YOU Predict the Future?

Improve Employee Engagement to 91% - 10 Minutes by Friday – Atlanta ScaleUp Summit

Three Questions to Clarity - David Horsager Trust Edge – Atlanta ScaleUp Summit

DISCIPLINE - A Principle of Greatness

Accelerate Momentum – Score Your Flywheel

The Flywheel - A Customer Example

Managing Millennials: Effective Leadership For This Generation

A Map – The Journey from Good To Great

6 Steps to Create Your Flywheel

Create Your Flywheel - Example

What’s Your Flywheel?

Measuring ROI - Create Marginal Gains

NPS Grows Revenue – Missing Value from NPS

Why & How Rackspace Changed Its Strategy

When do most people Die - How to Become CEO

It’s Not a Strength If You’re NOT DIFFERENTIATED

Cadence of Accountability – How Alan Mulally Rid Ford of Poor Performers

Solve Big Problems, Test New Ideas in Just Five Days - Sprint!

Discovering Your Hedgehog Concept – Your Move To Greatness?

OKR’s – Establish a Cadence Of Accountability

OKR’s Pairing Key Results – Counterbalance

FOCUS - Measure What Matters. OKR’s Start at the Top

Annual Planning & Strategy Meeting

The Law of Life – Living & Giving, Happy New Year

Does Your Business Measure What Matters?

Blitzscaling is Counterintuitive.  Is it for You?  Denver ScaleUp Summit

P-SQUARED (PASSION AND PURPOSE) Morten Hansen, Great at Work – DENVER ScaleUP Summit

Leadership Team Measurement – Achieve Results Consistently

Revenue is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, Cash is King – Alan Miltz Denver ScaleUp Summit

Do Less, Then Obsess Work Smart Example – Great at Work Denver ScaleUp Summit

Complexify, Passion, Obsession – Brad Feld Denver ScaleUp Summit

Quit What You Suck At –LovePop - Denver Scale Up Summit



Think Through Strategy: Why

Strategy: Playing to Win Step 5 - Management Systems

Strategy - What Are Your Core Capabilities? Play to Your Strengths

Strategy – How to Win?

Strategy – Where to Play?

Strategy - What is Your Winning Aspiration?


What Strategy Is And Isn’t: Playing to Win


STEP 4 - OUTTHINKER PROCESS - ANALYZE – Space For Impossible Ideas


OUTTHINKER PROCESS STEP 2 – DISSECT (3 Leverage Points) Example

Calculate Your OUTthinker Score – The Assessment Re-Visited


Do Your Meetings Kill Your Employees Best Ideas?

SBA Myths & Secrets - Linda McMahon New Orleans Scale Up Summit

You Can Achieve Similar Success – David Meerman Scott - New Orleans ScaleUp Summit

Prediction is NOT  Decision-Making – Avi Goldfarb - New Orleans ScaleUp Summit

Tom Peters Is Angry!  New Orleans ScaleUp Summit

Great Execution Won’t Matter Without Effective Strategy – Kaihan Krippendorff, New Orleans ScaleUp Summit

A CEO’s Two Most Important Jobs – New Orleans Scale Up Summit

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat – Your Strategy and One Thing

How to Craft Your Story – The Introvert’s Edge

The Science of A Story – The Introvert’s Edge

How to Develop A Disruptive Business Model The Outthinker Process - 36 Stratagems

THE ONE THING Helps an Entrepreneur Sell His Business for a Premium

Why Have a 3 – 5 Year Plan?

Balance: People/Relationships and Process/Productivity


Sustine et Abstine. Bear and forbear.  The Will

The Discipline of Perception

Cure Procrastination

What Causes You to Procrastinate?

To Be Great – Hire A Coach

Social Media – The Greater Fool – Thank you Tom R.

Ten Laws of Prime Business Preparation

How Long To Create a Habit?

Are Best Practices Dead?

The Light at the End of the Tunnel – A Train!

You Are Behind

ONLY 8% of Companies Prepared for Digital Disruption

Decisions Equal Success – Do You Face a Survival Decision?

Quit Before Leaving – How to Handle Dissatisfying Situations

Put Your Worst Foot Forward – Reasons 3 & 4

Put Your Worst Foot Forward – 2 of 4 Reasons it Works

Disruptive Ideas – Mastery in Forecasting

Develop Disruptive Innovation – Step One: Generate Lots of Ideas

How Originals Identify Innovative Ideas

The Truth About Discipline, Habit, and Willpower

Your Business Impacts Your Employees – A Christmas Story

The Majority You Want Comes From the Minority You Do

Everything Matters Equally – NOT, When You Pursue Your ONE THING

Eliminate Multi-tasking - Achieve 28% Greater Productivity

The Big Lie REVISITED - Multitasking

Is Your Business in a “Valley of Death?”

Scaling Up Two Day Private Workshop (Annual & Quarterly Plan)

8 P’s – A Powerful Way to Discover Strengths, Weaknesses, Trends

Assessing Risk – Sam Zell, St Louis Scale Up Summit

8 Characteristics of Great Coaches - Gregg Thompson – St Louis Scale Up Summit

Be a Catalyst to Others, Gregg Thompson – St Louis Scale Up Summit

3 Things Make People Happy -  Rabbi Stephen Baars – St Louis Scale Up Summit

Writing Without Bullshit – Josh Bernoff – St Louis Scale Up Summit

Who Do You Want To Be – Hammer & Nails – St Louis Scale Up Summit

The Obstacle is the Way - Ryan Holiday - St. Louis Scale Up Summit

What Does Your Customer Care About – Product Attributes

Great Strategy: Clarity On What You Want

Calculate Your OUTthinker Score - Assessment

Individual Dashboards

Challenges of Scaling Up a Business 







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