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Work From Home – Working from a Hospital Room: Cancer Cured Book Excerpt

Coronavirus – Threat - Resources

Before You Hire

Why Role-Playing Fails

Identify and Prevent Sick Building Syndrome In Your Workplace

Life Doesn’t Happen to you, It Happens For You

Your Words Impact Others

Raise the Bar – Methods & Ideas to Improve Employee Engagement

Good Job Vs. Lousy Job

Utilize Social Media To Further Your Company’s Strategic Plan

Hire the Right People - Discover Locus of Control

Decision - Achieve Accountability

How Do Competitors Respond to Your Strategy?

The Best Strategy Question – Play to Win

Low-Cost vs. Differentiation - Example of Playing to Win

Using the Green Wave to Enhance Your Business

Six Common Strategy Traps & Six Winning Strategy Signs

Core Capabilities – Playing to Win

Putting Accessibility at The Forefront of Your Business

Win with Those Who Matter Most

Is Your Business Strategy Built to Win?

Responsible Leadership

How to Make Character a Habit in Your Business

American Icon – Path for Scale Ups & Strategic Discipline

How Fast Will Your Business Grow – Packard's Law

Discipline - How to Achieve Greatness!

Strategies for Getting Better Sleep

The Discipline of Innovation, Quantification, Quantification

Why Identify Your Flywheel?

Red Team Tool: Four Ways of Seeing - New Coke & Arch Deluxe Failures

Avoid A Blockbuster Failure – Red Team

Taking the Next Step As A Business Owner: When Is It Right To Retire?

Lie #9: Leadership is a Thing

Lie #8 Work-life balance matters most?

Lie #7 - People Have Potential

Lie 6: People Can Reliably Rate Other People - Idiosyncratic Rater Effect

Lie #5: People Need Feedback – Truth: People Need Attention

Lie #4 CONTINUED - The Best TEAMS are Well Rounded – 3 Strategies

Lie #4 The Best People are Well Rounded – BULL - Excellence is Idiosyncratic

Lie #3 The Best Companies Cascade Goals

Lie #2 The Best Plan Wins – Nine Lies About Work

Nine Lies About Work - #1 People Care Which Company They Work For

How Well Can YOU Predict the Future?

Improve Employee Engagement to 91% - 10 Minutes by Friday – Atlanta ScaleUp Summit

Three Questions to Clarity - David Horsager Trust Edge – Atlanta ScaleUp Summit

DISCIPLINE - A Principle of Greatness

Accelerate Momentum – Score Your Flywheel

The Flywheel - A Customer Example

Managing Millennials: Effective Leadership For This Generation

A Map – The Journey from Good To Great

6 Steps to Create Your Flywheel

Create Your Flywheel - Example

What’s Your Flywheel?

Measuring ROI - Create Marginal Gains

NPS Grows Revenue – Missing Value from NPS

Why & How Rackspace Changed Its Strategy

When do most people Die - How to Become CEO

It’s Not a Strength If You’re NOT DIFFERENTIATED

Cadence of Accountability – How Alan Mulally Rid Ford of Poor Performers

Solve Big Problems, Test New Ideas in Just Five Days - Sprint!

Discovering Your Hedgehog Concept – Your Move To Greatness?

OKR’s – Establish a Cadence Of Accountability

OKR’s Pairing Key Results – Counterbalance

FOCUS - Measure What Matters. OKR’s Start at the Top

Annual Planning & Strategy Meeting

The Law of Life – Living & Giving, Happy New Year

Does Your Business Measure What Matters?

Blitzscaling is Counterintuitive.  Is it for You?  Denver ScaleUp Summit

P-SQUARED (PASSION AND PURPOSE) Morten Hansen, Great at Work – DENVER ScaleUP Summit

Leadership Team Measurement – Achieve Results Consistently

Revenue is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, Cash is King – Alan Miltz Denver ScaleUp Summit

Do Less, Then Obsess Work Smart Example – Great at Work Denver ScaleUp Summit

Complexify, Passion, Obsession – Brad Feld Denver ScaleUp Summit

Quit What You Suck At –LovePop - Denver Scale Up Summit



Think Through Strategy: Why

Strategy: Playing to Win Step 5 - Management Systems

Strategy - What Are Your Core Capabilities? Play to Your Strengths

Strategy – How to Win?

Strategy – Where to Play?

Strategy - What is Your Winning Aspiration?


What Strategy Is And Isn’t: Playing to Win


STEP 4 - OUTTHINKER PROCESS - ANALYZE – Space For Impossible Ideas


OUTTHINKER PROCESS STEP 2 – DISSECT (3 Leverage Points) Example

Calculate Your OUTthinker Score – The Assessment Re-Visited


Do Your Meetings Kill Your Employees Best Ideas?

SBA Myths & Secrets - Linda McMahon New Orleans Scale Up Summit

You Can Achieve Similar Success – David Meerman Scott - New Orleans ScaleUp Summit

Prediction is NOT  Decision-Making – Avi Goldfarb - New Orleans ScaleUp Summit

Tom Peters Is Angry!  New Orleans ScaleUp Summit

Great Execution Won’t Matter Without Effective Strategy – Kaihan Krippendorff, New Orleans ScaleUp Summit

A CEO’s Two Most Important Jobs – New Orleans Scale Up Summit

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat – Your Strategy and One Thing

How to Craft Your Story – The Introvert’s Edge

The Science of A Story – The Introvert’s Edge

How to Develop A Disruptive Business Model The Outthinker Process - 36 Stratagems

THE ONE THING Helps an Entrepreneur Sell His Business for a Premium

Why Have a 3 – 5 Year Plan?

Balance: People/Relationships and Process/Productivity


Sustine et Abstine. Bear and forbear.  The Will

The Discipline of Perception

Cure Procrastination

What Causes You to Procrastinate?

To Be Great – Hire A Coach

Social Media – The Greater Fool – Thank you Tom R.

Ten Laws of Prime Business Preparation

How Long To Create a Habit?

Are Best Practices Dead?

The Light at the End of the Tunnel – A Train!

You Are Behind

ONLY 8% of Companies Prepared for Digital Disruption

Decisions Equal Success – Do You Face a Survival Decision?

Quit Before Leaving – How to Handle Dissatisfying Situations

Put Your Worst Foot Forward – Reasons 3 & 4

Put Your Worst Foot Forward – 2 of 4 Reasons it Works

Disruptive Ideas – Mastery in Forecasting

Develop Disruptive Innovation – Step One: Generate Lots of Ideas

How Originals Identify Innovative Ideas

The Truth About Discipline, Habit, and Willpower

Your Business Impacts Your Employees – A Christmas Story

The Majority You Want Comes From the Minority You Do

Everything Matters Equally – NOT, When You Pursue Your ONE THING

Eliminate Multi-tasking - Achieve 28% Greater Productivity

The Big Lie REVISITED - Multitasking

Is Your Business in a “Valley of Death?”

Scaling Up Two Day Private Workshop (Annual & Quarterly Plan)

8 P’s – A Powerful Way to Discover Strengths, Weaknesses, Trends

Assessing Risk – Sam Zell, St Louis Scale Up Summit

8 Characteristics of Great Coaches - Gregg Thompson – St Louis Scale Up Summit

Be a Catalyst to Others, Gregg Thompson – St Louis Scale Up Summit

3 Things Make People Happy -  Rabbi Stephen Baars – St Louis Scale Up Summit

Writing Without Bullshit – Josh Bernoff – St Louis Scale Up Summit

Who Do You Want To Be – Hammer & Nails – St Louis Scale Up Summit

The Obstacle is the Way - Ryan Holiday - St. Louis Scale Up Summit

What Does Your Customer Care About – Product Attributes

Great Strategy: Clarity On What You Want

Calculate Your OUTthinker Score - Assessment

Individual Dashboards

Is There A Corollary to Pearson’s Law?

The Five Habits of Outthinkers – Develop a Winning Habit

Prepare for 2018 - Scaling Up Workshop November 1st

Disrupt Yourself or Be Disrupted By the Competition

OUTthinker Strategy Playbook: Force a Two Front Battle

OUTthinker Examples: Coordinate the Uncoordinated

OUTthinker Strategy - Coordinate the Uncoordinated

Godzilla & AFLAC Duck - Create Something Out of Nothing

Pearson’s Law Critical to Your Organization’s Health

Why Your People Say, “You Can’t Measure What I Do”

Build A Cathedral – OUTthinkers Strategy: BE GOOD

Change is Good - How to Do It

The Death of the Middleman – OUTthink the Competition

How Do You Measure Up – Four Decisions

Your Expectations Impact You and Your Team

Strategic Discipline Simplified – Priority, Metrics, Meeting Rhythms

What’s Working What’s Not – Monthly Meeting

Leadership Core Behavior – Productive Paranoia

End of construction. Thank you for your patience

Why I Decided to Hire a Coach

Topgrading Competency Interview – Uncover Candidates Key Data

Drama Triangle Inhibits Productivity; Limits Employee Engagement

What Are You Exactly Saying Yes To

FOCUS  - Beware the Busy Manager

Create A Winning Habit

The BIG Question – Problem Most Small to Mid-Size Business Face

Write Yourself a Swimming Pool – Joe Polish, Dean Graziosi – San Antonio ScaleUp Summit

Solving the Leadership Puzzle – Leadership Circle Profile (360) – San Antonio ScaleUp Summit

Pitfalls to Profitable Growth Internal - The Founders Mentality – Scale Up San Antonio Summit

Understand Your Core - The Founders Mentality – Chris Zook – Scale Up San Antonio Summit

The Founders Mentality Outperforms – Chris Zook – Scale Up San Antonio Summit

Happy Employees – Happy Customers - The Future Workplace Experience - San Antonio ScaleUp Summit

UNLIMITED VACATIONS - Arnie Malham - San Antonio ScaleUp Summit

Management to Leadership – Bob Chapman – San Antonio ScaleUp Summit

World Changes – Business Not – Ray Sisodia – ScaleUp San Antonio Summit

Empower Your People - Five Questions –– The Coaching Habit - San Antonio ScaleUp

Pre-suade Customers and Employees to Change - – Dr Robert Cialdini – San Antonio Summit

Pre-suade Your Prospect Before Your Message – Dr Robert Cialdini – San Antonio Summit

Highlights ScaleUp Summit San Antonio Day 1

Steve Job’s Last One Thing – Scaling Up Summit San Antonio

12 Steps to Topgrading – Scaling Up Summit (San Antonio)

THINK Like a Leader – Above the Line

Build an Elite Team - 10-80-10 Principle -  Above the Line

Great Performance is 1% vision and 99% alignment – Above the Line

4 Keys Ingredients to Leadership Success

Your Hiring Batting Average – The NFL Draft Standard

Brand Advocates Far Ranging Influence

Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch – Above the Line

Pay No Attention to That Man Behind the Curtain - Authenticity

What’s a Counterbalance – Why Quarter and Annual Plans Need One

Small Wins Add Up to BIG WINS – Mini-Games


Quarterly Best Practice: Discover Why

Get Your Boys in the Boat – Strategic Discipline Builds Harmonious Leadership Teams

Books You Need to Read - 5 Trends To Engage In

Increase Your Odds Against a Giant – Unconventional Tactics

David vs. Goliath: Out Think the Competition

Execution Growth Tools: Annual Planning, Quarterly Planning, and eNPS


Cash Conversion Cycle – Oxygen You Didn't Know You Had

Your Organization’s Most Important Resource

Transparency Raises Belief and Commitment

How to Build A Habit

Can The Four Agreements Help You Win A Super Bowl?

Priority – Team You Manage or Team You’re Part of?

Leadership Harmony – 5 Dysfunctions of a Team – Conflict Resolution Model

What Browser do you use?

Are Entreprenuers Risk Takers – Originals Discovery

Outthink The Competition – Ease & Impact

Outthink the Competition - Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive Components (MECE)

OUTTHINKERS - Nine Trends Transforming the World

Outthinkers and Thinkers In Business - Examples

Pattern Recognition- SPORTS – How OUTTHINKERS Topple Thinkers

Pattern Recognition- WAR – How OUTTHINKERS Topple Thinkers

Are You Outthinking Your Competition?

Extraordinary Results Require Great Answers

The Anatomy of THE ONE THING QUESTION: Build a Success Habit

The Path to 2017 Productivity

What’s Your One Domino for 2017?

Company Colonoscopy: Start, Stop, Keep, Employee Survey

Purpose - The Dickens of Your One Thing – Merry Christmas

Building a Virtual Bench

What’s My Daily Measure? Dougy Fresh

Multiply Your Time – the 30X Rule – Dallas Growth Summit

Significance Changes Everything – Procrastinate on Purpose – Dallas Growth Summit

Inspire Innovation – Biomimicry the Shark’s Paintbrush – Dallas Growth Summit

DEEP WORK – Steve Jobs Behavior Guide – Dallas Growth Summit

Workplace Drama – END IT!  David Emerald Womeldorff – Dallas Growth Summit

Alex Osterwalder’s Value Proposition Design – Dallas Growth Summit

Belief Is the Solution - Ari Weinzweig – Dallas Growth Summit

Do You Know Your People - Patrick Lencioni,  Employee Engagement Truths – Dallas Growth Summit

Ideal Conflict Point – Dallas Growth Summit

What Inspires You?

Growth Requires A Culture of Learning

BD – Business Decline: How to Scale Up

Ultra-low Price, and Premium Pricing Strategy

Success Factors for a Low-Price Strategy

The Most Promising Price Strategy to Pursue

Chasing the Wrong Goals - How Discounts Affect Profit

Price Is the Most Effective Profit Driver

Why Vacation Is A Priority

Price Anchors, Pricing Power – Your Company’s Value

High Prices or Low Prices Better for the Profit and the Survival of a Company?

What Value Do You Offer to Support Your Pricing – Scaling Up Example

Pricing – Your Achilles Heel?

Proactive or Reactive: How the Hedgehog Concept Changes Your Focus

A Brand Promise and Guarantee I Bet My Life On

Double Bonus – Customer Discovers X Factor and Profit Per X

HEDGEHOG CONCEPT Three Circles Signal Greatness

PEOPLE – A Leader and Manager’s Responsibility

Taken Your Vacation Yet?

Your BHAG Journey

Leader or Manager

Humble, Hungry, and Smart - Core Values Considerations

Happiness is a Direction

A Failure to Communicate

Balance in Life – Should it be Your Objective?

Better Collective Intelligence

The Freak Advantage

From Tension to Empowerment – Creating a Smart Tribe

Victim, Rescuer, Persecutor:  Which Role Are You Playing?

Where Does Your Time Go - Energy Allocation Chart

Employees Must Make a Difference – Aubrey Daniels (Atlanta Growth Summit)

To Be Interesting, Be Interested – Molly Wendell, The Networked Organization (Atlanta Growth Summit)

Bottom Line Change - Zingerman’s Deli (Atlanta Growth Summit)

Next Wave Innovations – Design To Grow, David Butler (Atlanta Growth Summit)

Great Brands Start Inside – Denise Lee Yohn (Atlanta Growth Summit)

Last to First – Jim Whitehurst - (Atlanta Growth Summit)

Understand How To Win – Gen. Stanley McChrystal (Atlanta Growth Summit)

Changing the Role of Manager

Stonewall Jackson’s SWOT – Great General, Poor Teacher

Hiring for Attitude

A Lack of Focus

A Hero In Your Business Is a Problem

Work Longer – Make Poor Decisions

Why You Should Work Less.

Fix Now or Later?

Routine Sets You Free – Disciplined Preparation Sets You Up

Scrum Reminders From Noah’s Solo Ensemble Performance

Scrum’s Daily Stand Up Huddle

The Greatest Crime

Scrum – Great Teams

Toyota and Scrum Team Characteristics

Scrum - When Size Matters

Human Reactions to Systems – Understanding Fundamental Attribution Error

West Point’s Pearson’s Law & Scrum Lesson

Teams or Individuals – Scrum Lessons

Change or Die Part II

Leadership – Are You Chasing Waterfalls?

Start Sprinting – Plan, Do, Check, ACT

Scrum Origins: Cancer, ATM’s & Worthless Plans

Two Government Disasters – With and Without Scrum

Aligned for Change

Change or Die

Hijacked - Four Thieves of Productivity

Third Commitment to Time Blocking - Accountability

Three Commitments Time Blocking Requires

Multitasking Makes You Stupid – Yes STUPID!

Until My ONE Thing Is Done—Everything Else Is A Distraction!

Why Your First Time Block is Vacation – Your One Thing...

Live for Productivity – Time Blocking

One Thing – Live By Priority

Purpose - The Dickens of Your One Thing

Extraordinary Results - Purpose, Priority, and Productivity

The Ultimate Success Habit: Good Question = Good Answers

Reframing - When 2016 Brings Struggles

Developing The Success Habit – Your One Thing

Your First One Thing – The Focusing Question

The Final Lie to Achieving Our One Thing: Big Is Bad.

Customer Commonality - Leadership

Lie # 5 A Balanced Life - The Solution - Counterbalance

LIE #4 – Willpower is Always on Will-Call

BIG LIE #3 – Myth of Self Discipline

The Big Lie - Multitasking

The Six Lies Between You and Success

Gratitude – Happy Thanksgiving 2015

Two Recommendations for Annual Planning

How Your Customer Makes the Decision to Purchase - Adele Revella Dallas Growth Summit

Who has your next customer? Brandscaping: Unleash the Power of Partnerships – Dallas Growth Summit

The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

Communication is Leadership – Kip Tindell Dallas Growth Summit

Twice the Work in Half the Time: Scrum – Dallas Growth Summit

Customer Funded Business – John Mullins Dallas Growth Summit

Weakness, a Clue to Your Strength - The Freak Factor – Dallas Growth Summit

Bad Profits – Wells Fargo’s Avarice

Customer Service Defined – Dallas Growth Summit

Questioning Your Ability to Make Good Choices

Core Competencies Interview - Topgrading

What’s Your One Thing (3X)

Scaling Up Workshop – What to Expect – Join Us

Spotlight: People Who Achieve. A Remarkable Eagle Scout

Strategy Statement Elements Defined – Objective, Scope, Advantage

Is Strategy Your Tower of Babel?

Candor Versus Honesty – Braintrust at Creativity Inc.

Eliminate This Word From Your Vocabulary

Take No Short Cuts to Hiring

Trust the Process…Or Not. Toy Story 2 Lesson

Good Ideas or Good People?

Practice the Discipline of Collective of Intelligence

Tools to Measure Employee Performance

Amazon’s Culture Flaws?

Fix What Bugs You – A Priority Requires Doing the Right Things Right

Addition by Subtraction – Great Game of Business Story

A Players - The Magic Number is 24

Winning is Achieving Clear Priorities and Communication

Raise Your Team’s Sense of Self-Worth

How Trust Is Broken and Egos Are Triggered – Smart Tribes

Consequences That Work - More SmartTribes

SmartTribes – How to Deliver Accountability

How Smart Are You?

Kids Say the Darndest Things – Formula for Human Potential

Dashboards – Starting a New Employee Right

Recruiting and Hiring with Core Values

Is Failing an Inside or Outside Job? – The Case for Culture

One Thing = Priority

Spontaneous Remission - Four Common Things of Miraculous Recoveries

Why Business is a Noble Pursuit

What is a system? Four Characteristics

Driven to Build Culture

When Everyone’s Responsible, No One Is!

Get The Most Out of Customer Feedback

Mary Kay’s Culture

Story Selling, Nick Nanton – Orlando Growth Summit

Focus on Great Things – Changing People Performance Christine Comaford Growth Summit

Create Safety, Belonging, Mattering – Christine Comaford Orlando Growth Summit

Bone Marrow Transplant Update – Last Week’s Clinic Visit

Find Waste, 2 Second Lean – Paul Akers – Orlando Growth Summit

Newsjacking – David Meerman Scott – Orlando Growth Summit

Recurring Revenue Streams II – Automatic Customer – Growth Summit

John Warrillow, The Automatic Customer – Orlando Growth Summit

Less is More - Think Like a Winner – Orlando Growth Summit

Hooked: How to Build Habit Forming Products – Orlando Growth Summit

Core Values in Action

Employee Feedback and Closing the Loop

Why, What, How of a Weekly Meeting and Meeting Rhythms

Why Meeting Rhythms are a Critical Strategic Discipline

Who’s Responsible for Low Employee Engagement?

The Irony of Freedom

What Are Your First Quarter Victories?

Without a (Core) Purpose Any Problem is Too Big

From Good to Great - Collins 12 Questions – #10-12

Jim Collins 12 Questions - Take Your Company from Good to Great # 6-9

Take Your Company from Good to Great – Jim Collins 12 Questions: #3-5

12 QUESTIONS to Take You From Good To Great - #1 & 2

Cash – Fundability Optimization & Increasing Equity

Cash Growth Tools – Labor Efficiency Ratio & Your Cash Flow Story

4 Decisions Tools – CASH – Cash Conversion Cycle, Four Forces of Cash Flow

Final Execution Growth Tools – Dashboards and Success Criteria

Execution Growth Tools: Themes, Individual Plan

Execution Growth Tools: eNPS, Annual Planning, and Quarterly Planning

Execution Growth Tools: Critical Number, Customer & Employee Feedback, NPS

Execution – Rockefeller Habits Checklist, Priorities, Metrics, Meeting Rhythms

Strategy Decision Growth Tools - BHAG, 3-5 Year Plan, Innovation Window

Strategy Decisions - Actions to Live By, Catalytic Mechanism, X Factor

Four Decisions Strategy –7 Strata, WHO, Brand Promise, Profit Per X

Growth Tools – Strategy for Top Line Revenue Growth (Cont.)

Four Decision Growth Tools – Strategy Yields Top Line Revenue Growth

Rockefeller Habits 4 Decisions Tools – People Continued

Discipline to Prepare Provides Super Bowl Winning Play

Rockefeller Habits 4 Decisions Tools - People

Positive Reinforcement - Attention

Updated Discipline: New Rockefeller Habits Checklist

Steps 3 & 4: Positive Reinforcement: “Make Others Feel Important"

Positive Reinforcement: 4 Steps to “Make Others Feel Important” (1&2)

Key Performance Indicators - Customer & Employee Feedback

Key Performance Indicators - KPIs

The Discipline of Clarity

The #1 Key to Successful Managing - Google’s Management Study

Leadership Team Exercise SWOT vs. SWT – Strengths, Weakness & Trends

Increase Accountability with OKRs – Objectives and Key Results

A Grateful Christmas

What's Your Innovation Process Look Like?

Practical Discipline #3 Where to Put Your Best People: Good To Great

Daily Huddle – Where Are You Stuck

To Improve Your Relationships Improve This

INDIRECT EFFORT - 85% of Joy in Life Comes from Relationships

Good to Great Business Model - DISCIPLINE

The Advantage of Rookie Smarts – Liz Wiseman Las Vegas Growth Summit

Attitude of Gratitude – Happy Thanksgiving

Social Capital – Keith Ferrazzi Las Vegas Growth Summit

Sales Advice from an Expert - Jack Daly Las Vegas Growth Summit

What the Hell Is Big Data? Las Vegas Growth Summit

Drive Versus Passion – Randy Komisar Las Vegas Growth Summit

Love ‘em or Lose ’em Beverly Kay - Las Vegas Growth Summit

The Power of Persuasion – Las Vegas Growth Summit

Give More Customer Service - Las Vegas Growth Summit

Disruptive Innovation:The Exponential Organization - Las Vegas Growth Summit

Balance Productivity and People

Scale up - Mastering the Rockefeller Habits 4 Decisions Workshop

Why You Should Not Facilitate Your Annual Meeting?

What’s Your Brand Promise? Here’s an Example

What’s a Brand Promise?

Derek Jeter’s Success Habits & Routines

Willpower Rules Your Performance

Finding the Willpower for Better Execution

Operating and Policy Manuals Can’t Save You from a Crisis

People: Teaching Willpower Spurs Starbucks’ Business Growth

One Pattern Focus, A Keystone Habit, Can Change Everything

Alcoa’s Key to Safety Success: Communication & Keystone Habit

Would You Fire Someone for Violating Your Core Values?

One Thing: Are Meeting Rhythms Keystone Habits?

Another Look at Employee Performance Appraisals

Effective Quarterly Meeting Planning

Confidence Part II

Want To or How To: People & Core Purpose


Where Does Confidence Come From? Giving Positive Reinforcement

Winners Never Cheat – Why Jon Huntsman Became Rich and Gives so Much

Core Values in Candidate Selection – Zappos “Are You Lucky?”

Pearson’s Law

Change is Hard; Figuring Out What Works is Harder - Great by Choice.

A Story of Courage – The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

Johnson & Johnson’s Core Purpose Repercussion

Less is More: Sleep is for Failures and the 90% Rule

Curing the Undisciplined Pursuit of More

Disciplined Required - Less is More

Less is More – The Power of Focus: Essentialism

Give and Take – Big Givers – Mothers

Does the System or Talent Contribute More to Business Growth?

Positive Reinforcement – Focus Praise on Behaviors

How and How Much Should You Give – 3 Lessons from Give and Take

Give and Take – What About Giver Burnout?

Chuck Noll Leadership Lessons – Discipline & Confronting the Brutal Facts

Abraham Lincoln and Frank Lloyd Wright - Givers and Takers

Givers and Takers – Who Succeeds and Fails More?

Being On Time – Respect Time Management

An Employee Net Promoter Score - eNPS

Focus on Priorities – Eisenhower Matrix

Raising the Bar on Accountability

Don’t Give Me That Crap!

3 Rules, 5 Attributes Make A Good Company Achieve Business Growth!

A Clear Vision Equals Greater Employee Engagement – Business Growth

All Aboard! Align Your Team – Theme Kickoff

Balance - Core Values/Purpose and Big Hair Audacious Goals

The Base for 6 Guiding Questions for High Performers

NFL Draft – Hiring the Right People – One Question

Decision-Making – Make Positive Choices

Make A Choice – Motivation Moment

Toastmasters Mission (Core Purpose) is Clear – Is Yours?

Finding People to Lead & Manage

BO-lieving – Changing Habits for Business Growth


Why Is Your Business The Way It Is? The Power of Habit

Why Leadership-Development Programs Fail - Solution

Should you Measure or Estimate for Decision-Making?

Combat Negativity with Discipline

The Daily Double – Two Daily Huddles Better Than One?


The Leadership Difference - Responsibility and Accountability

OWN IT – Create Imaginative Acts – Inside Advantage

HOW – Develop Your Persuasive Strategy – Inside Advantage


Identifying WHAT – Your Uncommon Offering – Inside Advantage

Steps to Finding Your “Who” Inside Advantage

WHO is Your Core Customer?


A Contrast in Business Culture - An NFL Lesson

Your Business Culture Creates Belief Structure

Free Training & Education Opportunity

Does Routine Really Set You Free?

Select The Right People – Zappos “Are You Lucky?”

It Starts With the Right People

Positive Reinforcement Multiplies Through Your Organization

Quarterly Meeting Review – Analyze Success and Failures

Annual Plan – It’s Not When You Plan It’s How You Execute

Step 7: Seven Strata of Strategy – Measure Profit per X and BHAG

Seven Strata of Strategy Step Six - Establish your “X Factor.”

Support Your One-PHRASE Strategy - Differentiating Actions

One Phrase Strategy – Seven Strata of Strategy

First Monday of New Year – Business Growth: Survive & Thrive in 2014

Brand Promise Guarantee – Seven Strata of Strategy

Seven Strata of Strategy - Brand Promise

Seven Strata of Strategy – Words You Own

Cascade Your Annual Strategy & Planning

What’s Does Effective Delegation Look Like?

The Number Two Function of Leadership

The Number One Function of Leadership

Three Barriers to Business Growth - #3 Market Dynamics

Three Barriers to Business Growth - #2 Process

Three Barriers to Business Growth - #1 People

Why Do People Hate Their Jobs – Employee Feedback

Discover Leading Indicators in Weekly Meetings

What’s Your Passion? What Are You Best At? (Hedgehog Concept)

The Hedgehog Concept

Find Your Economic Denominator Profit per X

Balance and Strengths – Lessons from Ben Hur

Balance – Optimism and Facing the Brutal Facts

What Are Your Accountability Standards?

Three Proven Business (& Personal) Success Principles

Cash Conversion Cycle Oxygen for Your Business

Four Decisions Three Disciplines

Finding the Energy to Defeat Cancer – Purpose

Time Management Basic Training

Key Behaviors Build Effective Energy Management Rituals

Why You Need Positive Energy Rituals

When Is Stress Good?

Time Management: Use It or Lose It

Time Management - Managing Energy Versus Managing Time

Contrasting Monthly Meetings – Get Your Flywheel Started

Good Decision Making

T-Day – Don’t Forget the Importance of Employee Recognition

The Most Important Element for Business Success

Dashboards Bring Out The Best

Weekly Meetings - Solve Your Company’s Most Pressing Issues

Performance Appraisals - Is the System Irrevocably Broken?

Learn the Disciplines - Rockefeller Habits Four Decisions Workshop

Positive Reinforcement – Frequency Required

Positive Reinforcement: Make it Immediate

Positive Reinforcement: How Much in Your Company’s is Contingent?

Human Behavior – One Size Doesn’t Fit All

4 Rules of Positive Reinforcement

Applying The Stockdale Paradox to Strategy

What’s Your Strategic Statement of Values Worth?

Strategic Statement of Values – Gaining Employee Engagement

Why Mentoring Fuels Business Growth

Secret Weapon for Business Growth

Create Your Strategic Learning Cycle

Natures Lesson on Strategy “Never sit still”

Brown M&M’s - Tripwire for Business Discipline?

Another Stockdale Paradox

Conflict Norms Provide Better Decision Making Meetings

Poor Meetings Put Your Company’s Future in Jeopardy

A Winning Sales Sourcing Strategy

Sourcing Talent - Best Methods for Finding Talent for Your Business

What Sales Winners Do Differently: Collaborate.

What Sales Winners Do Differently: Convince.

What Sales Winners Do Differently: Connect

Tombstone – Is Consultative Selling Really Dead?

Does Your Company Wear Its Culture?

Solve Specific Problems With Employee Engagement Questions

Customer Service Complaints – Good or Bad?

Who is Your Customer Survey For?

Customer Service Improvement Starts Here

Cash – How Fast Can Your Company Afford to Grow?

It’s A WRAP - Better Decision Making

Four Villains of Decision Making – The Ghost of Christmas Future

Decision Making – Strategies Impact

Great By Choice Third Core Behavior – Productive Paranoia

Great by Choice 10Xer’s Empirical Creativity – Andy Grove Intel

Leadership Dominance

Is Meeting a Dirty Word?

Leadership - What is Level Five Ambition?

What Does Fanatic Discipline Look Like?

Rewards of Fanatic Discipline

The Discipline Challenge – Rockefeller Habits Checklist

The 20 Mile March Discipline – Great by Choice

Have You Defined What Not To Do – Great by Choice SMaC Recipe

Discipline - Steve Job’s First Step to Remake Apple

Dashboard and Six Questions Build Clarity

Core Values Clarity – Building a Healthy Organization

Jim Collins or Patrick Lencioni’s Vision of Core Values

History Lesson On Clarity – Strategy Statement

Positive Reinforcement – What & How You Say It (Biopsy Results)

Can You Say Your Strategy is in 35 Words?

Measurable Results – One Year

Execute Meeting Rhythms – A Cadence of Accountability

Will Business Coaching Work for you?

Catalysts Increase Results In Less Time

Superstar Catalyst – Valentine’s Day Tribute

Catalyst Re-Discovery - The Coach & the Tool

Coaching Catalyst - The Best Leaders Have One

Without Top Priority “Whirlwind” Wins

Execution Irony – Will Your Business Fail Due to Poor Execution?


Last Friday of the Month – How’s Your Dashboard Looking?

Key Performance Indicators Critical Element - Ownership

Meeting Priorities - Either You Have Discipline or You Don’t

Leadership Development – Strategic Discipline’s Meeting Rhythms

The Shadow of Leadership

What’s Your One Thing for the 1st Quarter? GVHD Update

Versatile Accountability Tool: Topgrading Job Summary Scorecard

Is Your Business Culture Shallow?

Fundamental Attribution Error – Barrier to Growth

George Washington’s Stockdale Paradox

Discipline - Make Your Day A Masterpiece

What’s a Catalyst?

Predict the Future – Leading Indicators

Are There Three or Four Disciplines to Execution?

Critical Numbers – Process/Productivity Drivers

Critical Numbers - People/Relationship Drivers

Top Ten Elements to Drive Business Growth - 4-3-2-1 Formula

People Decisions - What’s Your Cost of Mis-Hire?

Thanksgiving Message – Elevated Emotions

Three Questions to Fill Your Key Seats Organizational Structure

Three Tools to Define Your Leadership Team

Positive Reinforcement & Employee Appreciation - How to Respond?

Can You Hear Your Customers? Customer Survey Questions

Who’s in Charge of Customer Advocacy?

Increase Your Team's Accountability

Strategic Discipline Develops Differentiated Demand

Six Rules to Change From Supply-Based to Demand Based

Teamwork: Hidden Gem to Business Growth and My Personal Progress

Is Good News Part of Your Business Culture? Biopsy Results

Four Purposes for Quarterly Meetings

How Companies Win – Prepare for A Demand-Driven Economy

My Leukemia Cure – Strategic Discipline

The Sandwich – Not Positive Reinforcement

Verbal Eraser Destroys Positive Reinforcement

Re-Think Common Sense as a Management Tool

Three Sources of Positive Reinforcement and One You’re Overlooking

Positive Reinforcement: Grandma’s Rule Gets Me Home Again

Change: Did Henry Ford Practice Topgrading?

Core Purpose Importance –Southwest Airlines Example

Networking & Making Connections - Critical For Business Growth

Transplant Day Reached Through Discipline

Are Your People The Priority They Should be?

Trust – Critical Element in Strategic Discipline

One Thing – Chet Holmes Passing of Leukemia

Leadership Requires Vulnerability

Eliminate Discretion at the Operating Level of Your Business

Does Change Improve Employee Performance - Hanley Ramirez

How Do You Make Good Decisions?

Stockdale Paradox – Humility – Warriors for Doug Benefit

Appreciation Or Progress Which Improves Employee Performance?

Lack of Discipline: Workaholism – Good News/Bad News

Reality - More Stockdale Paradox

Faith, Quantum Physics, and Stockdale Paradox

Lack of Accountability Show the Group or Behind Closed Doors?

Accountability - Three Reasons Group Meetings Produce Better

Which is Best Individual Meetings or Team Meetings? Personal Story on Accountability.

Communication Barrier – Fundamental Attribution Error

Clarity’s First Step – Determining Your One Thing

Organizational Health Meets Pearson’s Law

Measuring Results is Just the First Step in Pearson’s Law

The Patience Lesson Continues – Stockdale Paradox

Four Disciplines for Managing Your Priorities

Why Aren’t You Committed to Topgrading?

Save Time Recruiting & Hiring with Topgrading’s SnapShot

Is Patience Part of Strategic Discipline?

Start Getting Your Business Culture Right

The Ideal Growth Tree – Five Must Do’s To Live Your Core Purpose

Brand Ideals - A 400% ROI - Identify Your Competitive Advantage

Grow Author Jim Stengel “Great Leadership Follow Common Practices”

Creating the Discipline of the Advantage

Hope is Not a Business Strategy – A Sprinkle of Good News!

Your Blindside – The Value of Collective Intelligence

Weekly Meeting Rhythms – Pass On The Company’s Leadership DNA

Is Employee Engagement Poisoning or Nurturing Performance?

Pain – It May Influence Employee Engagement

Strategic Discipline Commitment – Disappointment and Inspiration

Six Emotions Build Your Inside Advantage

Differentiation Gives You The Inside Advantage

Handling Disappointment? Apply The Stockdale Paradox

Qualitative or Quantitative Which Customer Feedback is Best?

Metrics - Measure The Result You Want To Achieve

A Lesson from Good To Great Stockdale Paradox – 3rd Biopsy Results

Accountability Starts With Trust

Business Differentiation Requires Work Process Flow Charts

Metric Balance - Key Element in Priority Setting

Kevin the Terrible and the Myth That People Resist Change

Do Your Business Metrics Spring You Into Action?

Can Routines Really Set You Free?

When to Change Your Top Priorities

Would You Trust Your People With Your Life?

Ready for the Day? – Daily Huddles

Key Performance Indicators – Your Reality Check

Business Dashboard - Metrics for Health

A Personal Story – Can You Sell Your Business?

Business Alignment – Why Don’t Your People Get It?

Three Reasons You Need the One Page Strategic Plan

Strategic Discipline – Why It Guarantees Success

Four Decisions – Cash

Execution – Alan Rudy’s Success Story

Four Decisions – Measuring Your Execution

Four Decisions – Strategy

Four Decisions – People

ONE THING – A Personal Story

Four Decisions You Must Get Right to Achieve Growth

Michael Gerber Dreamed It Rockefeller Habits Checklist Quantifies It

Rip Van Winkle’s Leadership Lesson from Martin Luther King

Routine Sets You Free

Performance Trumps Everything Right?

Employee Engagement: Inspire Your Team

Alignment – How Will 2012 Play Out for You?

Make Yourself, Employees and Customers Happier – Employee Engagement

Relieve Stress With Meeting Rhythms

Priorities Require Metrics

This Boss Is Always Right – Value Collective Intelligence

Missing Element in Annual Planning

Human Behavior – One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Dan Pinks’ Enduring Motivators – Balance In Priorities

2012: Planning or Strategy?

How Deep Do You Dig in Your Annual Planning – PHX Growth Summit

Can a Single Word Improve Your Marketing? PHX Growth Summit

Measure Fun – Employee Engagement – PHX Growth Summit

Kindle Inspiration: The Value of Detachment – PHX Growth Summit

Ten Transforming Questions – PHX Growth Summit

Strategic Discipline Inspiring the Team Video

Transforming Discipline: Detachment – PHX Growth Summit

Phoenix Growth Summit Video Summary

Leadership Discipline – Emotional Intelligence – PHX Growth Summit

Bob Parsons - Learning Is a Competitive Advantage – Phx Growth Summit

Do You Have the Discipline to Handle an Unexpected Economy?

Recession Question – Annual Planning Reminder

Jim Collins' New Book “Great By Choice” Supports Strategic Discipline

What Are Your Employees Thinking? Critical Employee Feedback

Employee Feedback Opportunities

Leaderships’ Role In Employee Feedback

Two Employee Feedback Myths

Why Positive Reinforcement Starts at the Top

Employee Feedback Measurement for Positive Reinforcement

Employee Feedback – The Need for Frequent Positive Reinforcement

How the Best Managers and Leaders Deliver Positive Reinforcement

Customer & Employee Feedback from Weekly Meetings Drives Business Growth

What’s Your Customer Satisfaction Measurement?

Execution Question: When is Waste a Good Thing?

What Did We Learn? – Quarterly Meeting Question

The Meeting Puzzle – Why Meetings Need Alignment

Recognize and Plan for Results - Quarterly Planning Meeting

Missing Discipline - Monthly Meeting Solution

Increase Meetings Effectiveness With Success Criteria

Run an Effective Weekly Meeting

The Meeting Question – A Culture of Discipline

Essential Meeting - Daily Huddle

Essential Meeting Rhythms

Look Forward to Meetings?

Accountability: Life Isn’t Fair Mr. President

Precision and Discipline

Examples of Negative Reinforcement

Is Negative Reinforcement Hurting Your Business Performance?

Metrics Need Positive Reinforcement

Casey Anthony’s Verdict Lesson for Strategic Discipline

Employee Engagement: Answer These Employee Questions?

Leadership’s First Mission: Fulfill Spiritual Resources

The High Ground – Your Dashboard

Fear Discipline?

Discipline Choices – Can You Cheat?

Reach Your Objective – Required Discipline

Key Seats Discipline for People

Discipline – Who Do You Admire?

The Key to Improvement – Marshall Goldsmith Houston Growth Summit

Bookend Your Day – Darren Hardy’s Success Discipline

Three Success Disciplines – Darren Hardy Houston Growth Summit cont.

Discipline - Do the Thing You Don’t Want to Do – Hardy Houston Growth Summit Cont.

Success, It’s Not What You Do – Darren Hardy, Houston Growth Summit

Discipline – Why Hard Is Good For You. - Rackspace Houston Growth Summit Cont.

Beat Goliath - Graham Weston Rackspace Houston Growth Summit

Talent Management Clean House – Greg Brenneman Houston Growth Summit

Run, Improve or Create Systems. Selecting the Right People

Discipline and Persistence Closes the Deal

Dandelions - What are your Business Dashboards?

Exploit Change with Strategic Discipline

Change Ahead - Applying Egypt’s Revolution to Your Organization

Manager’s Role Redefined

Fifth Key to Discipline Rituals: Support

Expect Resistance in Establishing Disciplined Rituals

Discipline Rituals – What We Resist Persists

Discipline Scheduling - Three Keys to Building Effective Rituals

Priorities Discipline Requires Precision and Specificity

Priorities Are Disciplined Choices

Weekly Pulse – Work Rhythms Take Advantage of Natural Energy Flow

Green You Grow, Ripe You Rot - Leadership Discipline Requirement

Tortoise or Hare, Which Discipline do you Follow?

Discipline Can Offend

Tired of Questions – Leadership Discipline

Decision Paralysis – The Power of One Thing

Discipline – What the Hell’s Going On?

Multipliers Are A Players – An A Player is Not Necessarily a Multiplier

Few Set the Bar at A Level

Strategic Discipline Leads to 100% January Revenue Growth

The Right People – Your Accountability

Accountability - The Value of Routine

Winter's Lesson on Customer & Employee Feedback

Rockefeller Habits Checklist – Your Business Symphony

Winning – A Different Strategy in Business than Sports

NFL Winning Formula - Rhythm

Brand Promise – The Power of Love

The Value of An A Player

Preparation & Planning – A Winners Example

Overlooked Critical Business Success Discipline

Discipline Requires a Balanced Touch

Strategic Discipline: Make Your New Year Resolutions Stick

Strategic Discipline Starts with Daily Huddles

Mental Discipline

The Source of Stress

No Shows – Decreased Through Discipline

Conflict is Good Strategic Discipline?

What Key Performance Indicators?

Metrics: Leading and Lagging Indicators

Discipline Defeats Discouragement

Bottom Line on Performance

Bad Performance is Your Responsibility

Positive Reinforcement Didn’t Work!

Hiring Discipline – How Lucky Are You

People Decisions – Where Will You Finish?

People Not Your Most Important Asset – Practical Discipline #1

From the War Room to National TV – Orlando Growth Summit

Five to Ten Year Strategic Planning – Orlando Growth Summit

What Differentiates a Multiplier from a Diminisher – Orlando Growth Summit

Is Your Strategy a Wine Glass or a Plastic Cup? Orlando Growth Summit

Warren Buffet’s Mr. Fix It #1 Lesson - Orlando Growth Summit

The Drama Triangle or Empowerment Dynamic - Orlando Growth Summit

Send A Man to the Moon - Your BHAG

Quarterly Strategic Discipline – Priorities & Developing Metrics

Sales Discipline – 19 Pipeline Questions

Sales Pipeline – Why Your Sales People Forecast Too High

A New Baby Makes One Thing Clear

Making Good Choices Requires Discipline

Good is the Enemy of Great: Failed Strategic Discipline

12 Rules for Management Discipline

Socializing at Work Increases Productivity

Is Your Business Ready To Sell?

Balance Subjectivity & Objectivity – Required Strategic Disciplines

An Index Card – Execution Discipline

Routine Sets You Free – Setting the Course for Strategic Discipline

Execution or Bad Choices – Why Do Businesses Fail

Strategic Discipline Harnesses Powerful Forces

Strategic Discipline’s Approach to Five Killer Competencies

Strategic Learning - Five Killer Competencies

Pattern Recognition – Meeting Rhythm Discipline

The Pace of Change Requires Strategic Discipline

Vacations - Breakthrough in Time Management

The Strategic Discipline of Sales Compensation

Success Path – Strategic Discipline, Commitment & Vision

Small Business Discipline – Success Traits and Jinxes

Sales Discipline – Missing a Structured Process?

Strategic Discipline’s Fourth Discipline – Work Process Flow Charts

The Dawn of Impatience – Increase Positive Reinforcement

Basics of Measuring – Counting & Judging Key Metrics

You Can’t Measure What I Do – Measuring Performance

Pearson’s Law – When it Doesn’t Work

Is Life Fair – Strategic Discipline Interview Questions

Pearson’s Law Revisited

Biggest Issue Facing Business Accountability

Can You See the Signs? – They Point to Strategic Discipline

Sales Process – When Does Your Customer Decide and How

Discipline – Most Lacking Element in Sales Training

Three Types of Sales Systems – Why Only One Works - Sales Discipline

Diagnostic Business Development Sale Process – Jeff Thull

Are Prospects Following Your Sales Process or Theirs? – Jeff Thull

Motivation Versus Inspiration – Zappos Core Values

Three Disciplines – Leadership Routines that Drive Growth

Zappos Employees Live the Brand – Core Values – LV Growth Summit

Marketing Questions – Reality Marketing Revolution – Growth Summit

Brand Promise Advice from Jerry Garcia – Fortune Growth Summit

Spring Coaches' Summit – What’s Your Winning Strategy in 2010

Strategic Discipline – Brand Promise – BHAG - Las Vegas Growth Summit

Quarterly Priorities – Implementing Your Plans

Business Development Tool – Strength Based Leadership Test

Top Priorities – Customer Experience – Linksys comedy

Strategic Planning – One Year Plan

Strategic Planning – Great Strategy Isn’t Enough

Your 3-5 Year Plan – One Page Strategic Plan

One Page Strategic Plan - Discipline in Action

Creating A Strategic Plan – The Value of Clarity

Stretch Goals – Give Them a Head Start - Positioning Systems

Performance Reviews – A Good Idea Gone Wrong

Three Disciplines – Leadership Routines that Drive Growth

Big Hairy Audacious Goal – BHAG

Collective Intelligence

A Fundamental Failure

People & Hiring – Upon Further Review

Fundamental Habits - Focus on Priorities

Concentration - A Key Discipline

Decision Making

Strategy & Communication

Supporting Your Brand Promise

Who’s Heading Marketing?

Core Values


Litmus Test

Letter from The Flood of 2008



Business News Suggestion

Stress Lessons from Apollo 13

Cedar Rapids Flood

E-Myth Mastery Challenges

Success Forces Continued

Tuck Your Shirt In

Success Forces

Bad Profits

Difficult Customers

Horror Show

With the Right Tool Even You Can Be a Plumber

Data Drives Prediction

Sales Consequences

Strengths versus Weakness

Leadership Keys

Improve Staff Performance 40%?

Death by Meeting

Netflix Unlimited Vacations

Netflix Secrets - Values


Four Decisions For Growth

One Thing – The Dream Manager

Growth Summit cont Fred Reichheld The ultimate Question – Customer Advocacy

Growth Summit cont Paul Orfalea Transform Obstacles Into Opportunities

What's Your Story?

Growth Summit - Emergence At Work Steven Berlin Johnson

Growth Summit cont. – Persuasion Principle #6 Liking

Growth Summit cont. – Persuasion Principle #5 Consensus – Social Proof

Growth Summit cont. – Persuasion Principle #4 Consistency

Growth Summit cont. – Persuasion Principle #2 Scarcity

Growth Summit cont. – Persuasion Principle #3 Authority

Growth Summit – Dr. Robert B. Cialdini – Persuasion Principles

Growth Summit - Inside Advantage

Welcome - Was Michael Gerber Wrong?

Challenges of Scaling Up a Business 







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