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How to Level Up Your Career with a Business Coach

Posted by Candace Sigmon on Mon, Feb 13, 2023

business_coaching-resized-600Coaching has gained credibility and acceptability in the 23 years since I started my coaching career. There are several different coaching avenues to explore to grow yourself and your business. Our guest writer today is Candace Sigmon. I’m on vacation this week, please enjoy Candace’s insights on how coaching can help you.

If you're looking to take your career to the next level, a business coach may be able to help. Being able to sit down with an external, objective third party to discuss your goals and career trajectory can help give you clarity and provide guidance for your path. That said, it's important to define your motivations for working with a coach—and to understand how to work with a coach in a way that best serves you. This guide offers you what you need to know about finding and working with a coach.

Recognize the signs that you could use a coach!

First, you need to determine if a coach can help you. There are some common signs you could benefit from a helping hand, such as feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated, or confused about your career. Signs of potential burnout, like ambivalence about your career and irritability in the workplace, can likewise be reasons to seek support. In other cases, you may want a coach because you feel "stuck," lack creativity, or purpose, and want someone to bounce ideas off.

Understand what a coach can do for you.level of your Career with a Biz Coach

Coaches can serve many purposes, including helping you discover your core values, supporting you in defining your vision, and creating a strategic plan for achieving your goals. A coach can also help with practicalities like creating a resume. It never hurts to keep your resume up-to-date, and a coach can ensure the document hits all the highlights and meets your industry's current standards. An online resume template makes putting your resume together fast and easy, saving you time and effort.

 Know how to find the right coach for your needs.

If you've decided you could benefit from a coach, you're probably wondering how to find one. Start by looking for individuals who have worked with people in your industry. You can also ask people you know for referrals. It's also helpful to request references. A reputable coaching service like Positioning Systems will provide client testimonials regarding their success stories, so you can hire them with confidence. Before signing up, ask for a free consultation and get a feel for the coach. You want to be comfortable with them.

How to Level Up Your Career with a Business Coach-3874035Make the most of your relationship with your business coach.

Once you've found the right coach, you want to optimally leverage their expertise. Start by honestly assessing your weaknesses. Ask yourself where you're struggling, where you'd like to improve, and what you need help with. Then, talk to your coach about what kind of skills and knowledge you need to address those blind spots. It's important to be honest and have realistic expectations when working with your coach. Finally, be open to an ongoing relationship. Your coach can help you develop over time; it won't be an overnight process.

Look for other forms of business support beyond coaching.

If coaching isn't in your budget, there are other tools that are more affordable and can still support your business's success. A virtual personal assistant can take care of basic administrative tasks, for example, while online business formation services can simplify company foundation if you start your own business. An LLC offers perks like protecting your liability, providing tax perks, and minimizing paperwork. Before you choose a service, read reviews to find the best LLC services.How to Level Up Your Career with a Business Coach-3184639

Working with a business coach can be daunting if you've never done it before. However, coaching can help you improve your career prospects—or your own business success—in many ways. Recognize the signs that you need assistance and trust the tips above to help you find the perfect coach.

For more content on finding business success with the help of a coach, visit the blog.

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