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8 Characteristics of Great Coaches - Gregg Thompson – St Louis Scale Up Summit

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Thu, Nov 16, 2017

What makes a great coach?

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Topics: Growth Summit, One on One coaching, ScaleUp Summit Learning, St Louis Scaling Up Summit, Coaching

12 Steps to Topgrading – Scaling Up Summit (San Antonio)

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Mon, May 22, 2017

Ever been in a situation where you’re working on something, when suddenly more information arrives to help you?

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Topics: People Decisions, Growth Summit, Topgrading, Topgrading, People Decisions,, Scale Up Summit San Antonio

THINK Like a Leader – Above the Line

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Thu, May 18, 2017

In football, they call this a reverse.  My intentions in my last blog were to discuss Productive Paranoia from Jim Collins Great By Choice.

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Topics: Leadership Training, Growth Summit, Strategic Learning, Think Week, Effective Leadership

Alex Osterwalder’s Value Proposition Design – Dallas Growth Summit

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Mon, Nov 7, 2016

Five years into my career as a radio salesperson I was interviewed for a sales position with HILTI.  I was frustrated at the time with my career and income, and HILTI seemed like a good opportunity.

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Topics: strategy, Growth Summit, Growth Summit. Learning, Innovation Process, Customer Value Proposition

Belief Is the Solution - Ari Weinzweig – Dallas Growth Summit

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Mon, Oct 31, 2016

Have you ever tried to drink from a firehose?  Probably not.

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Topics: People, Growth Summit, human behavior, Execution, Dalllas Growth Summit, Human Potential

Ideal Conflict Point – Dallas Growth Summit

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Tue, Oct 25, 2016

Attending the Fortune Sponsored Growth Summit in Dallas is my opportunity learn, reconnect with my coaching peers, recharge my batteries, and gain valuable insights into our coaching principles from other experienced coaches and Best Practice leaders.

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Topics: Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni, Growth Summit, Meeting Conflicts, better decisions through conflict

Growth Requires A Culture of Learning

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Thu, Oct 20, 2016

Next week I’ll be in Dallas attending the Fortune Sponsored Growth Summit Verne Harnish and our Gazelles coaches puts together twice annually.

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Topics: Growth Summit, Strategic Learning, Growth Summit. Learning, Strategic Learning Cycle

Employees Must Make a Difference – Aubrey Daniels (Atlanta Growth Summit)

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Mon, Jun 20, 2016

“Employee’s Must Make a Difference!” Aubrey Daniels, Bringing Out the Best In People author and Scaling Up Fortune sponsored Growth Summit speaker.

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Topics: Bringing Out the Best In People, People, Aubrey Daniels, Growth Summit, Execution, Postiive Reinforcement

Bottom Line Change - Zingerman’s Deli (Atlanta Growth Summit)

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Mon, Jun 13, 2016

There was no PowerPoint to share, few metrics and no major book to push. 

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Topics: change, Growth Summit, Execution, Ari Weinzweig

Next Wave Innovations – Design To Grow, David Butler (Atlanta Growth Summit)

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Thu, Jun 9, 2016

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Topics: Business Growth, strategy, Growth Summit, Innovation Process, Strategic Advisory Council

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