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One More Day – Warren Buffet on Charlie Munger

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Mon, May 27, 2024

Verne Harnish’s newsletter of May 9th provided a 7-minute video of a young man asking Warren Buffet a curious question, “If you had one more day with Charlie, what would you do with him?”

Verne suggested going to 6:57 for the true insight.

Choose who you would like to spend a day with and start meeting them now, or tomorrow, and find a way to spend more time with them and not others you’re spending time with. Who is that person for you?

This 7-minute video provides his lengthy answer to if he had one more day with Charlie, what he would have said/done. Warren Buffet: If I Had One More Day With Charlie Munger (2024 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting)

Charlie Munger through Chet Holmes

My discovery of Charlie Munger came through Chet Holmes The Ultimate Sales Machine, Turbocharge Your Business With Relentless Focus on 12 Key Strategies. Charlie Munger called Chet Holmes, “America’s greatest sales and marketing Executive.” I shared my experience with Chet Holmes in Pigheaded Discipline and Determination - Chet Holmes - New Orleans Growth Summit.

Chet Holmes's “Dream 100” idea helped generate leads for my business.

The biggest impact Chet had on my life was his passing in 2012. Holmes and I both had Leukemia in 2012. At the time Chet Holmes passed, on August 12, 2012, I hadn’t quite conquered my journey through Cancer. I was well on my way there after a clinical trial miraculously eliminated it, despite the doctors estimating I had less than a 2% survival. Two weeks after his passing I shared my reaction in One Thing – Chet Holmes Passing of Leukemia. It is humbling to realize I was delivered from AML when someone like Holmes succumbed to it.

Chet Holmes inspired me. Charlie Munger must have inspired Chet.

Warren Buffett is a regular fixture on rich lists, while Charlie Munger rarely appeared on them.

Munger would have been worth over $10 billion if he kept all his Berkshire Hathaway stock.

Munger sold or donated more than 75% of his shares since 1996.

Warren Buffett’s 2023 Shareholder Letter
In Verne’s March 1st Newsletter he recommended reading the one-page tribute to his long-time partner Charlie Munger, which opens Warren Buffett’s annual letter to his shareholders, released last weekend. He refers to Munger as the architect of Berkshire Hathaway and recalls the advice Munger provided on how to fix the dumb mistake Warren made in buying Berkshire – buy better companies for a fair price instead of fair companies for a better price! Much wisdom in that one-pager. Then read the 16-page letter for more wisdom including his admonishment of financial pundits.

Reading just the first page of Buffet’s annual letter to shareholders, tell me if you don’t your takeaway doesn’t include this advice I received from a good friend last week:

Charlie was the “architect” of the present Berkshire (Warren Buffet Letter to Shareholders 2023)FIND YOURSELF A CATO “We can remove most sins if we have a witness standing by as we are about to go wrong. The soul should have someone it can respect, by whose example it can make its inner sanctum more inviolable. Happy is the person who can improve others, not only when present, but even when in their thoughts!” —SENECA, MORAL LETTERS, 11.9

Charlie Munger was Warren Buffet’s CATO!

Do you have a friend who never reminds you of your mistakes?

Meet Them Through Books
Back to the question this young man asked Warren Buffet. Buffet reversed the question, asking him, whom he would like to learn more from, and whom he should ask to lunch.

Buffett emphasized that Charlie felt he had “met” everyone he ever wanted to meet – including Ben Franklin. No, Charlie wasn’t that old, but Buffett noted that Charlie did it through books.

Warren Buffet on Charlie Munger - Who would you like to meet - booksAsk yourself, Who do you want to learn from?

My pursuit of learning didn’t begin until I started my career in radio sales. It’s allowed me to meet and learn from famous people like Abraham Lincoln who I shared in Team of Rivals – Lincoln’s Leadership Genius

Chet Holmes, Verne Harnish, Shannon Susko, Steve Jobs, Jim Collins, these are a few of the names of authors, leaders, influencers, and history makers I’ve learned from, and continue to learn from as I develop my skills in coaching and helping the businesses I work with develop and grow their businesses.

catalyst_-_chemistry_bottles-resized-600In How to Defeat Adversity & Achieve Your Goals I shared how Charlie Munger and Warren Buffet invest an excessive amount of time reading. The reason they do? To prevent them from making the same errors and suppositions others have.

Who can you learn from?


Can a coach be your witness to prevent you from making mistakes?

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