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Fall in Love with their Job Again

Posted by Regina Wheeler on Mon, May 24, 2021

Happy relaxed young woman sitting in her kitchen with a laptop in front of her stretching her arms above her head and looking out of the window with a smile-2COVID, and the increase in working from home dramatically changed how to deal with our employees. Regina Wheeler, an e-learning consultant for Academic Brits, shares ideas to help your team love their work whether it’s for returning to your office or working from home.

A leader should strive to help employees perform at their best every day. Are you seeing some staff members struggle to deliver the same quality they once could? That's a sign they're not engaged in their job, or worse, are approaching burnout. Here's how you can help your team fall in love with their job again.

Encourage Taking Breaks

While work is important, it shouldn't be everything. Are your staff spending longer in the office, not taking breaks, or failing to take vacations? That's a fast track to burnout. You want to avoid it.

White Button with Break on Computer Keyboard. Business Concept.Ensure your staff takes the breaks they're entitled to. They should receive short breaks during the day, as well as a good lunch break. It's a good idea to encourage them to step away from their desks and get some space from work.

Make sure everyone is using their holiday entitlement. While they may not have a vacation planned, they will still need that time away from work to recharge.

Ensure you're leading by example here. If you're taking breaks as needed, then your team will be happy to follow your lead.


'It's so important for an employer to listen to employees' says business writer Adrienne Wilkinson, from Next Coursework and Ph.D. Kingdom. 'You can't catch everything as it happens. If you're listening to your staff, you can solve problems before they become insurmountable.'

Psychologist talking with happy man in the officeShow your staff you're open to listening to them and their needs. Set time aside to talk to them. If they do come to you with problems, ensure you act on them. For example, if someone is struggling under their workload, help them find solutions such as delegating to others, or changing up their workflow. If you're paying attention to their needs, your staff know they can come to you if needed.

Invest in Their Skills

If you want your employees to fall in love with their work again, you'll need them to see they're appreciated. Discover where their skills are. Give them opportunities to develop themselves.

Closeup portrait happy, smiling business man company employee standing, holding dollar bills, credit card hand isolated grey black background. Banking exchange rate concept. Facial expression reaction-1Example: Do you have a writer on your team? They’re already excellent since that's why you hired them. Help them develop further by enrolling them in writing workshops. Show them you want to invest in their skills, and how important they are to your business. Feeling valued is incredibly important.

Help Staff Set Goals

In your career, have you ever felt as though you were stuck in a rut? It's easy to feel powerless at work when you don't have anything to work towards. As an employer, you want your employees to have clear goals to work towards. This can be done in performance meetings. Discuss what the next step might be for your employee’s advancement.

Young man drawing a financial graph on the wall'Help your employee set goals by working with them' says writer Gary King, from Origin Writings and Brit Student. 'Focus on what appeals to them about their role, and what strengths they want to work on.' By doing this, you'll be able to help them advance in their career and see a way forward.

Update the Workspace.

It's true the surroundings at work influence your employees. Look around your office. Does it feel gray and washed out? It's hard to feel happy about coming to work if the office is dreary or outdated.

arrow moving up over an office chair isolatedConsider painting with brighter colors or adding plant life to add some life to space. Look at the lighting too. Is there enough natural light coming into space? Are there enough lights to brighten things when needed? Making some small changes will make working at your business more invigorating.

It's easier than you'd think, to help employees fall back in love with the role they have. Make these small changes and make working at your business an exciting and invigorating prospect once more. Help keep your best talent and show your employees you value them.

(Regina Wheeler is an e-learning consultant for Academic Brits. Her interests include business management, marketing, and finances. Her interests have led her to get involved in many projects, improving business management for several companies.)

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