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How Do You Measure Up – Four Decisions

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Mon, Aug 21, 2017

Four Decisions for Growth.jpgSmall to mid-size business require Four Decisions to achieve sustainable growth. 

People, Strategy, Execution and Cash

Get all four right and your business will rise to a new level of performance.

How do you know how you are doing?  Where are the gaps in your growth in each of these Four Decisions?

Positioning Systems with the help of our Gazelles community of coaches have created a on line Needs Assessment for you to discover how well your business is currently performing against these Four Decisions.

The Needs Assessment includes a special section for the Rockefeller Habits Checklist. Discover just how well your business is executing against the ten disciplines that indicate whether you to have freedom to focus strategically ON your business, or if you are being sucked into working IN your business. Your Scores on these ten disciplines provide insight into how well your team is doing against the “Whirlwind” diverting your business from focus on your One Thing Priority.

Your entire leadership team can participate if you’d like, provided you make sure your team enters your company name exactly alike. 

Here’s an example of how your scores look when other team members participate.

need assessment results larger.jpgYou’ll also discover how you have scored against other businesses who’ve taken the assessment.

Since the needs assessment has only been complete for a couple of weeks, the averages will change over time.  Come back and complete it again to see if you’re improving and how you fare against other businesses who have taken the assessment.


FOUR DECISIONS CHART - RESULTjpg.jpgYour business will face continual challenges in all four decisions.  At any one time, one of these four decisions will overshadow the rest.  Failing to address this Decision will retard and perhaps threaten your growth.

People is often the most challenging to many business.  Without the right people, in the right seats, doing the right things right (Good to Great) your business will continually fail to meet objectives. Your business/industry maybe one of the many experiencing  VUCA - volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. A strategy challenge stifles growth.  Execution prevents you from the big picture focus, the result of execution is profit, and without profit the fuel for new growth will not exist.  Finally Cash is the oxygen for your business.  It gives you options to explore new opportunities and expand.

Which of these Four Decisions is preventing your growth? 

Find out.  You’ll discover not only which one is holding you back, you’ll also gain insights into the pieces of each Decision you are missing.  These tools and resources can put you back on your game and provide you with a road map to attain your goals.

Four Decisions Needs Assessment Results Scores Only.jpgUpon completing the Four Decision Needs Assessment, expect a phone call to discover if you’d like to review the results and discuss the possibilities of how you can improve. If you feel the timing isn’t right, or you have discovered enough to make progress on your own, great.  We’re glad to help you gain insights into your current business condition.

If you choose to do a review of your results with Positioning Systems, we’ll schedule a 90 minute meeting. You can invite your entire leadership team to participate if you’d like.  Each additional person will add up to 30 minutes to the appointment due to the questions, participation, and engagement they invite.   We’ll share with you how other companies have closed the gap in these Four Decisions and achieved their goals and objectives at a faster pace with the help of our coaching. 

There is no cost for the 90+ minute review of your results.

To discover how you measure up, take the Four Decisions Needs Assessment now.  You can also click on the Four Decisions Needs Assessment icon’s in the right hand column any time you visit our blog.

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