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One Thing – Chet Holmes Passing of Leukemia

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Sun, Aug 26, 2012

A week ago on Friday I had lunch with a former client.  It was my first time at a restaurant since February when my health issues began.   Late Tuesday of that week, my doctor gave me permission to travel.  With a credit we had for our missed March spring break vacation with the boys, my wife and I left late last Friday evening to visit the condo we share with her parents, for Mesa, Arizona.  Imagine a tall balding fellow wearing a white surgical mask on the plane.  That’s what I looked like in order to avoid the germs that plane flights are notorious for.  

The week in Arizona was great, although the temperatures were moderate for Arizona the humidity, due to it being the monsoon season, was high.  Michelle and I enjoyed our time together.  We sat by the pool, visited friends and enjoyed eating out at our favorite restaurants.  We had some time to talk about our lives, our family and the future ahead.

Verne Harnish’s weekly newsletter this past week snapped me back to reality.  chet holmes with Ultimate Selling Machine resized 600His announcement that Chet Holmes had died of leukemia shocked me and made me realize how lucky I am and how fragile and challenging the road ahead to bone marrow transplant is.  Less than 2 ½ years ago these blogs Pigheaded Discipline and Determination and 23 - 0 Chet Holmes Sales Victory - New Orleans Growth Summit charted Holmes impressive credentials and impact on the Growth Summit audience.  This past week after a seventeen month challenge with leukemia he succumbed.

I’ve been reading Chet’s blogging on his caringbridge site since reading Verne’s newsletter.  The range of emotions and challenges he faced strike to the very heart of my experience.  It’s easy for me to be in his shoes.  I am in them albeit different circumstances! 

What has struck me as I read it is how focused he is and I have been at living in the moment.  Being aware of the events and people around you has become more important, and a sense of appreciation for what we have, how people treat us and how important it is to treat others with respect, dignity and appreciation. 

Capturing your One Thing you need to focus on is the most important accomplishment you can provide yourself and your team.  It helps you to remain in the moment, block out distractions and remain absolutely committed to whatever is going to impact you and your business in the next 90 days. 

A vacation is meant for rest and recovery.  I must admit that during this past week I felt so good that I could easily imagine I am free of leukemia forever.  That’s good for envisioning the future, however not so good for facing the brutal facts (Stockdale Paradox).    Perhaps that’s why it was so important for me to read about Chet’s passing and to peruse his blog. 

Reading Chet Holmes’s accounts of his struggles makes me more determined and more appreciative of what I’ve been able to accomplish through the prayers, encouragement and support of so many of you, yet also makes me realize how demanding the bone marrow transplant will be.   

Wednesday I will be moving back to the hospital.  As great as the weeks at home with my family have been I know I have been dreading the return and the ensuing measures that will be required of me.  It will require a great deal of me; however my doctors have told me not more than what I’ve already given.  I’m hopeful and positive and plan to make this step another defining moment in my life.  It’s part of my One Thing for what remains of this quarter and will be for the next quarter as well.

Are you as sure what your One Thing is?  Does your team and your staff have clarity on what your business is to achieve this quarter?  If not can you provide it for the next quarter.  

It’s time to recognize the value of determining your One Thing.  It absolutely guarantees you progress on achieving what is most impactful for your business.  In my case it’s for my life.  Don’t waste this valuable tool to help you achieve growth.  

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