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Strategic Discipline – Why It Guarantees Success

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Thu, Feb 16, 2012

Albert Einstein, Compound Effect author, Success Magazine Publisher Darren Hardy, and  Strategic Learning author Willie Pietersen all agree. Focus and compounding are the two most powerful forces in the universe.  Developing clarity of focus is your springboard. 

This is why in Positioning Systems practices of Strategic Discipline we choose first to establish your priorities.describe the image

Positioning Systems principles of Strategic Discipline absolutely guarantee success when you and your team provide the required component of discipline. 

Strategic Discipline combines the essential priorities you need to focus on, including your One Thing, with metrics to measure your achievement, along with disciplined meeting rhythms that review progress and makes corrections.   Suddenly you have a covenant between you, your executive team and their staff members that promises the outcomes you’ve agreed upon.

Once you start tracking your business in this manner, your attention will be focused on the smallest things you’re doing right, as well as the smallest things you’re doing wrong.

Darren Hardy notes, “don’t expect immediate fanfare. When I say “small” course corrections, I’m talking truly invisible. Chances are no one’s going to notice them anytime soon. There will be no applause. No one’s going to send you a congratulations card or a trophy for these disciplines. And yet, eventually, their compounding effect will result in an exceptional payoff. It’s the littlest disciplines that pay off over time, the effort and preparation for the great triumph that happened when no one was looking.

Hardy is discussing personal changes to your routines and disciplines.  In the big stage of your business, there will be people watching, and while success isn’t immediate, the peer pressure and expectations through these meeting rhythms, metrics, and priorities put the forces of focus and compounding together to provide the exceptional payoff he is speaking about.

Little things add up over time.  The trouble is we continually are masters of the insignificant. 

The formula for Strategic Discipline is simple.

  • Choose your priorities.

  • Measure your efforts to achieve them.

  • Meet routinely and rigorously to make sure you stay on course.

Need help establishing the formula?  Please call or email us or plan to attend our next Mastering the Rockefeller Habits Four Decisions workshop.

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The Strategic Discipline Blog focuses on midsize business owners with a ravenous appetite to improve his or her leadership skills and business results.

Our 3 disciplines include:

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