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Revenue is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, Cash is King – Alan Miltz Denver ScaleUp Summit

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Mon, Nov 12, 2018

Cash in your business provide Oxygen (a business can breathe easily when it’s not focused on worries over cash to make payroll, pay bills on time, invest in people or capital investments ) and Options.  When you have great cash flow you have options other businesses don’t.

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Posted by Douglas A Wick on Mon, Mar 20, 2017

Is it possible that a few small wins could make a dramatic improvement in your businesses cash flow?

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Topics: Cash, Cash Decisions, The Power of One, Four Decisions: CASH

Cash Conversion Cycle – Oxygen You Didn't Know You Had

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Thu, Mar 16, 2017


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Your Organization’s Most Important Resource

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Mon, Mar 13, 2017

“First Who than What” Jim Collins, Good to Great.

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Customer Funded Business – John Mullins Dallas Growth Summit

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Thu, Oct 29, 2015

John Mullins knowledge and work at Harvard Business Review (HBR) have been discussed here previously in Cash – How Fast Can Your Company Afford to Grow?  His book, The Customer Funded Business was the topic of his presentation at the Dallas Growth Summit.

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Cash – Fundability Optimization & Increasing Equity

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Thu, Mar 26, 2015

If you’ve been following this blog you know we’ve been covering the Four Decisions in growing your business that you must get right or risk leaving significant revenues, profits, and time on the table. These four decisions: People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash.  We’ve been sharing the Four Decision Growth Tools we provide for our Gazelles and Positioning Systems Customers to help them to consistently grow their business. 

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Topics: Four Decisions, Cash, Fundability Optimization Checklist, Recurring Revenue, Increase Equity Value of Company

Cash Growth Tools – Labor Efficiency Ratio & Your Cash Flow Story

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Mon, Mar 23, 2015

In life and in business your decisions equal success.  I’m reading an excellent book by Richard Flint, Behavior Never Lies.  It reinforces much of our Gazelles and Rockefeller Habits resources and coaching. On the need for clarity, and how important that the essence of any person is not what they say, but rather what they do.  In your business do your actions, your decisions contradict what you say?   If so you will have a trust problem with your people.  I’ll explore the book further in a future blog.

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Topics: Four Decisions, Cash, Power of One, Labor Efficiency Ratio, Your Cash Flow Story

4 Decisions Tools – CASH – Cash Conversion Cycle, Four Forces of Cash Flow

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Thu, Mar 19, 2015

Our last several blogs have discussed the importance of four critical decisions and the role they play in the success of your business.  Decisions equal success – and there are four decisions, in growing your business, that you must get right or risk leaving significant revenues, profits, and time on the table. These four decisions are: People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash. Even though most growth firms face continual challenges in all four areas, at any one time the challenges in one of these areas overshadows the rest. Therefore, your first decision is to choose which one of the four to focus on next.

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Topics: Four Decisions, Cash Conversion Cycle, Cash, Four Forces of Cash Flow, Growth Sucks Cash, How Fast Can Your Business Grow?

Cash Conversion Cycle Oxygen for Your Business

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Thu, Oct 17, 2013

If you don’t believe cash is king take a look at some of the companies who have the largest cash reserves.  Topping the list is Cisco with almost $40 billion in cash.  Microsoft has nearly $37 billion, Pfizer $27 Billion, and Apple stands at $25.6 Billion.  

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Topics: Sales Process, collective intelligence, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, Cash Conversion Cycle, Cash

Cash – How Fast Can Your Company Afford to Grow?

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Wed, May 8, 2013


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