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Start with WHY – The Golden Circle Story

Posted by Douglas Wick on Mon, Dec 6, 2021

If the great resignation or turnover crisis is a cultural crisis for businesses, then understanding your WHY/Core Purpose is critical to prevent it from disrupting you.  

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Topics: employee engagement, Core Purpose, Employee retention, Core Purpose, Clarity of Purpose,, Simon Sinek, Why Employees Leave

Activity Fit Map – Trade-offs in Competing. What Not to Do.

Posted by Douglas Wick on Mon, Nov 29, 2021

You can’t be everything to everyone. The greatest example of winning is choosing not to do what everyone else is doing and to focus on something unique.

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Topics: Barriers to Business Growth, Differentiation, Differentiation Strategy, Key Attribution Framework, 3HAG WAY, Activity Fit Map

Swimlanes: When You Know Where You’re Going, You Know You’re Great

Posted by Douglas Wick on Mon, Nov 22, 2021

As the Cheshire cat told Alice, in Alice in Wonderland, “If you don’t know where you are going it doesn’t matter which road you take. Any road will get you there.”

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Topics: Strategic Planning, Strategy - How, Key Attribution Framework, 3HAG WAY, Swimlanes

3HAG – 3 Year, Highly Achievable Goal – A Framework for Growth

Posted by Douglas Wick on Mon, Nov 15, 2021

Developing a 3 Year Plan is an important part of strategic planning. We’ve shared several methods and tools to help you in this process including (Why Have a 3 – 5 Year Plan?) where we offered insights from Simon Sinek and Kaihan Krippendorff’s Outthinker Process to help you vision bigger.

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Topics: strategy, Strategic Planning, Differentiation Strategy, Key Attribution Framework, 3HAG WAY, 3 Year Plan, Key Capabilities, Growth Framework

Annual Planning – Does Yours Include This?

Posted by Douglas Wick on Mon, Nov 8, 2021

It’s time to prepare for next year, and if you haven’t already got that process started, here are few suggestions to help you.

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Topics: Annual Plan, Business Vision, Annual Planning, 3HAG WAY, Vision & Purpose

6 Tips On Virtual Meeting Engagement

Posted by Lauren Groff on Mon, Oct 25, 2021

Virtual meetings are the norm today. No matter your industry, virtual meetings are not only formal, but they can also be engaging. How? By looking to these 6 helpful tips on virtual meeting engagement.

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Topics: meetings, Employee Learning, Virtual Meetings

How to Tackle the Current Employee Acquisition Problem

Posted by Douglas Wick on Mon, Oct 18, 2021

If you’ve ever faced a difficult challenge, you know the skills and resources required, rarely fall into place for you to solve it immediately.

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Topics: Business Culture, Company Culture, Employee retention, Harmonious Culture of Accountability, Culture, Strategy vs. Planning, Why Employees Leave, Employee Wellbeing, Employee Acquistion

Good Jobs Strategy - People Are Not a Cost - They Are an Investment

Posted by Douglas Wick on Mon, Oct 11, 2021

Many businesses fear paying high wages.

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Topics: People, People Decisions, Harmonious Culture of Accountability, Culture, Rewards & Compensation, Scaling Up Compensation

Scaling Up Compensation - 5 Design Principles for Turning Your Largest Expense into a Strategic Advantage

Posted by Douglas Wick on Mon, Oct 4, 2021

Scaling Up Compensation by Verne Harnish, and Sebastian Ross offers great examples of companies that have turned one of the most challenging and thorny issues a business can face into a strategic advantage.

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Topics: People, People Decisions, Business Culture, Harmonious Culture of Accountability, Culture, Rewards & Compensation, Scaling Up Compensation

The Importance of Learning Hard & Soft Skills

Posted by Frank Hamilton on Mon, Sep 27, 2021

What’s the difference between hard and soft skills? Why is it important to develop both? Guest writer Frank Hamilton shares these important considerations.

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Topics: People, Leadership Training, Growing Your People, Worker Performance

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