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Leadership – What’s Your Motive?

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Mon, Apr 6, 2020

Patrick Lencioni’s, feels he should have written his new book, The Motive, first.  He almost decided not to write it because one of the leaders he admires most, Alan Mullaly, disagreed with him on leadership involves suffering.

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Topics: leadership, Patrick Lencioni, leadership commitment, Purpose, Effective Leadership, Leadership Core Behavior, The Motive

Work From Home – Working from a Hospital Room: Cancer Cured Book Excerpt

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Mon, Mar 30, 2020

In 2012 I was hospitalized with Acute Myeloid Leukemia for nearly 7 months.

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Topics: Acute Myeloid Luekemia, Work Environment, Employee Wellbeing, Remote Working, Cancer Cured

Coronavirus – Threat - Resources

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Mon, Mar 23, 2020

"If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid.”  ~ EPICTETUS

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Topics: business clarity, Business Development Tool, Business Planning, Coronavirus

Before You Hire

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Mon, Mar 16, 2020

hat’s the first step when deciding to hire? 

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Topics: People Decisions, Topgrading, Hiring

Why Role-Playing Fails

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Mon, Mar 9, 2020

Start discussing role playing, and most people quickly feel an aversion to it.

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Topics: Employee Feedback, employee performance, Training, training and education, Sales Training, Role Play

Identify and Prevent Sick Building Syndrome In Your Workplace

Posted by Karoline Clarke on Mon, Mar 2, 2020

This past Sunday I made flight reservations to fly to Arizona this Sunday.  A warning from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday, Americans should be prepared for the potential for “significant disruptions” when the corona virus, or COVID-19, spreads in the U.S., made me reconsider my plans for air travel. 

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Topics: Employee retention, Karoline Clarke, Office Environment, Employee Wellbeing

Life Doesn’t Happen to you, It Happens For You

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Mon, Feb 24, 2020

Jim Carrey is an entertainer, a comedian, and larger than life painter.

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Topics: Purpose, Goal Achievment

Your Words Impact Others

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Mon, Feb 17, 2020

I grew up in Wisconsin watching the Green Bay Packers achieve dynasty status in the early 1960’s. 

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Topics: employee engagement, Employee Recognition, employee performance, customer and employee feedback

Raise the Bar – Methods & Ideas to Improve Employee Engagement

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Mon, Feb 10, 2020

Most employee engagement programs haven’t worked.

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Topics: employee engagement, employee performance, manager, Managment Systems, Boss vs. Coach

Good Job Vs. Lousy Job

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Mon, Feb 3, 2020

The job environment is changing

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Topics: employee engagement, Employee Recognition, employee performance, Employee Survey, Employee Satisfaction, Why Employees Leave

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