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Quarterly Meeting Review – Analyze Success and Failures

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Mon, Jan 27, 2014

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Topics: quarterly meetings, Employee Recognition, Accountability, employee performance, success criteria, Meetings a Cadence of Accountability

Cascade Your Annual Strategy & Planning

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Fri, Dec 20, 2013

92% of CEO’s feel their leadership team can communicate their strategy!  The same survey revealed that only 2% of their leadership team actually could! 

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Topics: quarterly meetings, themes, Annual Plan, One Page Strategic Plan, Alignment, Strategy Statement, 3-5 year plan

Four Purposes for Quarterly Meetings

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Wed, Oct 17, 2012

Having recently completed several quarterly planning meetings I thought I would share the four purposes for doing Quarterly Planning. In my upcoming October newsletter I’ll be reviewing some of the results my clients have achieved through their efforts to do effective Quarterly Plans.  You can access many of Positioning Systems previous newsletters here.  

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Topics: quarterly meetings, Annual Plan, Organizational Health, top priorities

When to Change Your Top Priorities

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Thu, Mar 8, 2012

In less than 24 hours ten days ago, from Friday to Saturday the following day, my world spun 180 degrees or more. (See A Personal Story – Can You Sell Your Business?)

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Topics: Discipline, Acute Myeloid Luekemia, quarterly meetings, Strategic Discipline, change, Compounding

Strategic Discipline Inspiring the Team Video

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Mon, Oct 31, 2011

At the Growth Summit in Phoenix Gazelles created a fun video I’d like to invite you to view.  It’s a fun presentation of what many company’s face in terms of planning and detachment.  How do you conquer both?  If your business is struggling to execute on your annual and quarterly plans, Strategic Discipline through a steady dose of the Rockefeller Habits tools is Positioning Systems’ recipe for success.   

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Topics: quarterly meetings, Strategic Discipline, Annual Plan, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, Four Decisions, Execution

What Did We Learn? – Quarterly Meeting Question

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Thu, Sep 1, 2011

The statistic is frightening.  40% of employee’s time is gobbled up by recurring problems!  These are the issues that never get solved, the copier that never works, the supply closet item that is always out of stock, the messages that are never delivered, equipment malfunctions.  If you conducted a meeting just to determine what recurring problems you have, would you have any doubt your people could provide you with an avalanche of issues?

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Topics: Employee Feedback, quarterly meetings, meetings

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