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Exploit Change with Strategic Discipline

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Mon, May 2, 2011

Due to changing technology, economic pressures, and evolving demographics, Multipliers’’ Co-Author Greg McKeown sees significant changes ahead for business in their organizational strategy and management of employees.  We outlined some of these in the previous two blogs, manager’s role defined and Change Ahead.

What can your business do to respond, anticipate achess resized 600nd capitalize on these changes?

Applying the principles of Strategic Discipline will provide your business with the essential tools to harness change and mine it for success.  One element in Strategic Discipline's weekly Rockefeller Habits meeting rhythms is collective intelligence.  McKeown’s definition of an Intelligent Organization includes being able to solve problems and adapt quickly, comprehend your industry, its trends, the competition, and respond to customer demands fast.  The organization that consistently collects information on its customers, and employees, and then uses this intelligence (collecting it from its entire workforce) will be superior to its competition now and into the future.  Collective intelligence enlists the power of the group to help solve bottlenecks, frustrations and opportunities that impede growth and performance. 

How many times do employees in your business not share information even though they knew it might help or hurt the organization by keeping it private?  Do they refuse because of feelings about the organization, their boss or another employee?    The wave of new communication methods means we can gather collective intelligence from others immediately.  You can go on line and instantly learn about anything you need to know.  We need to recognize this capability in our business and reduce the layers of hierarchy.  Systems need to focus on people’s capability to manage themselves and respond instantly to customer needs.

The day of the manager knowing more than the employee is gone.  An employee can access the same information that a manager can, and in some cases better.  Hierarchy stifles creativity and capability. 

Strategic Discipline means establishing essential meetings to gather vital information from your customers and employees.  Daily huddles, weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings provide absolute critical information your business needs in order to adjust and respond to your customers and employees.  Missing any of the patterns that emerge in these meetings can result in missed opportunities and absolute setbacks that in today’s changing marketplace can mean the difference between growth and failure. 

Is the hierarchy you have in your organization still serving you?  Can you reduce the levels of hierarchy?   Is your business prepared for the changes that information and technology influence how people are managed today? Have you established Strategic Discipline and its essential template to bring order and superior communication to your business?  Do these world developments stir a sense of urgency to respond now?

Metrics are an essential element to Strategic Discipline.  We’ll explore the importance of visual signals for your metrics next blog. 

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