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Work Longer – Make Poor Decisions

Posted by Douglas Wick on Mon, May 2, 2016

What’s the biggest reason to work less?

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Topics: Decision-Making, less is more, productivity, Willpower, Scrum, Scrum, Execution

Scrum’s Daily Stand Up Huddle

Posted by Douglas Wick on Mon, Apr 18, 2016

Friday I met with a good friend of mine who is struggling with what to do in his job.  His struggle is essentially the issue offered in The Greatest Crime.  He feels limited by his company.  Ideas he suggests get sidelined or ignored. His company doesn’t hold any meetings to keep him engaged.  He feels isolated and unable to contribute.

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Topics: consistently execute, Execution, daily huddle, Scrum, Execution

The Greatest Crime

Posted by Douglas Wick on Mon, Apr 11, 2016

We are all mortal. We all die someday.

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Topics: Strategic Discipline, time management, Scrum, Execution


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