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Get Your Boys in the Boat – Strategic Discipline Builds Harmonious Leadership Teams

Posted by Douglas Wick on Thu, Apr 6, 2017

“Rowing a race is an art, not a frantic scramble. It must be rowed with head power as well as hand power. From the first stroke all thoughts of the other crew must be blocked out. Your thoughts must be directed to you and your own boat, always positive, never negative.”

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Topics: Strategic Discipline, Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Leadership DNA, leadership commitment, Effective Leadership, leadership meetings, The Boys in the Boat

A Players - The Magic Number is 24

Posted by Douglas Wick on Mon, Aug 17, 2015

What does an A Player look like?

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Topics: A Players, Leadership DNA, Leadership Team

Why Mentoring Fuels Business Growth

Posted by Douglas Wick on Mon, Jul 22, 2013

At a recent client monthly meeting we discussed their new employee orientation (onboarding) process and how someone is always included to mentor the new person.  The mentoring program isn’t structured. Its primary intent is to provide an opportunity for feedback and concerns that they might not feel they can address with their supervisor.  The CEO played a video on why mentoring is important this company.  Immediately he observed there were additional opportunities mentoring offers to grow their business.

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Topics: employee engagement, Leadership Training, Leadership DNA, Connecting, Cost of Mis-hire

Weekly Meeting Rhythms – Pass On The Company’s Leadership DNA

Posted by Douglas Wick on Mon, May 7, 2012


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Topics: Leadership Training, meeting rhythms, Leadership DNA, best practices of growth companies


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