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Weekly Meeting Rhythms – Pass On The Company’s Leadership DNA

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Mon, May 7, 2012


Within the framework of Strategic Discipline, Meeting Rhythms offer much more than just the opportunity to provide better communication, alignment of priorities, and consistent accountability reminders.

An overlooked benefit to have your leadership team participation in weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and even daily huddle meeting rhythms is the baton passing that can be observed as new leadership team members learn from the top leadership. They discover and scrutinize how business is conducted in your company.

It’s one thing to have a set of core values and purpose, it’s quite another to see it in action.Leadership DNA resized 600  It’s one thing to set priorities and develop metrics and dashboards to hit these targets and to require accountability on a weekly basis.  It’s quite another to see how the leadership team responds to challenges, success and failures to meeting these metrics.

Employee and Customer data when included as a regular part of the weekly meeting reveals the importance and value the leadership team places on listening and learning what’s going on in the business.  Impact from these discussions and observations allow new leadership members to realize how valuable collecting and deliberating these issues can be, and how each one affects the company.

Finally in the collective intelligence phase of the weekly meetings new leadership members can offer their input, feedback, and insights.  They can begin to feel a part of the leadership as a contributing member of the team.  Plus they gain valuable insight on just how decisions are made and view firsthand the impact decision making can have on the business.

In many organizations there is a void in leadership training.  Almost everyone agrees that promoting from within is the best way to continue the growth and culture of a business. Few recognize the value that meeting rhythms offer in terms of training your leadership people to observe and learn from the daily rigors of operating your business.

Want to make sure your leadership DNA is passed on and continued after you and some of the valuable leadership group you have in your company leave?  Develop a structured pattern of leadership meeting rhythms.  Elevate those team members who show leadership capabilities to participate in these meeting patterns as they qualify. You will quickly see how they assimilate and understand what makes the company grow and exactly how leadership makes good decisions.

To perpetuate and ensure the people who come behind you have the same values and decision making ability that is making your organization, now is the time to build your meeting rhythms.  Isn’t it?

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