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Spotlight: People Who Achieve. A Remarkable Eagle Scout

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Thu, Oct 1, 2015

barton-publishing-logo_001In Kids Say the Darndest Things – Formula for Human Potential we provide a formula for achieving your maximum potential through one key characteristic – Attitude.

Last week at Barton Publishing’s 4th Quarter Planning meeting Marketing Director Marty Fahncke shared a video a Kansas City TV station produced on Young Achievers about his deaf son Noah. 

Marty is exceptional at marketing for Barton.  I’ve shared his genius in Dashboards – Starting a New Employee Right

Marty and I have a curious if not paradoxical relationship.  I’m very structured and disciplined, and Marty being creative can be lawless or uncontrolled.  We’ve frequently butted heads, congenially most often, but enough to recognize we don’t always agree on timing and structure of discussions. 

Despite those conflicts more frequently we agree as Marty demonstrated in the dashboard he is using with his newest team member.  Marty’s genius in the marketing area might only be surpassed by his son Noah.  I feel a kinship with Marty because my youngest son is Noah as well!

This blog will be shorter today since I feel the message is all about the video of Noah’s son.  Please take 3 minutes to watch it!  Here’s the link:

Reaching 4 Excellence: Deaf Eagle Scout proves hearing loss is no limitation

Attitude is so critical to our success.  When sharing the video Marty noted how few deaf people are able to gain employment.  There’s a natural prejudice for deaf people in the workplace starting with the low number of people who are able to competently read sign language, and the fear of what might happen to a deaf person in a business work environment.  Marty related an occurrence with a previous employer.  He’d received an application for a position that reported to him from a deaf person.  The person’s qualifications were solid and Marty recommended to his employer to hire him.  The owner of the business rejected the idea, fearful of how no one would be able to communicate with him and how others might respond to him. Marty crusaded for the candidate since he knew sign language eventually convincing the owner to hire him.  This person worked out famously.  This story highlights a serious issue for deaf people.  Marty noted that 75% of deaf or hard of hearing are unemployed.  19% are underemployed.  They can’t get a job because of the fear that so many businesses have to hire someone with this disability.

Perhaps you were a Boy Scout.  I was.  I made it to second class, a very poor showing.  Attaining Eagle is the highest achievement in Scouting. The number of scouts that attain this highest ranking is just 6%.  To achieve this have to overcome the handicap of being deaf is remarkable.  Of course Noah never sees his being “deaf” as a disability.  It’s part of his remarkable attitude, something we should all strive to achieve.

Please watch the video and share it with as many people as possible.  Perhaps you have someone you know who is not performing to their potential.  Possibly someone you know who could raise their spirits or someone else who could use an attitude adjustment.

It’s time we quit making excuses and giving reasons why we can’t!   Noah is a valuable lesson to all of us how much we can achieve with the proper attitude.  Noah is breaking down barriers to provide a path to greater living!  Hope you enjoy it and share it with someone. 

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