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Superstar Catalyst – Valentine’s Day Tribute

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Thu, Feb 14, 2013

t’s most appropriate that on Valentine’s Day that I share with you the person in my life that inspires me and that has proven to be a “Super Star” in the category of a Catalyst.  On Valentine’s Day it is my sincere hope you have someone special in your life that is so loving, caring, and determined to help you live to your fullest. Share your love for her this day.  My wife Michelle describe the imageis without a doubt the person that has helped me the most through my AML and Bone Marrow Transplant.  In many cases I’m not even aware of everything she is doing to contribute to my recovery and remaining clear of any germs and immune deficiency issues.

Each day I discovered she meticulously sanitizes every door, door handle and knob to make sure whatever I’m touching is pristine.  She reminds me each day to take my pills, eat healthy, and prepares healthy meals to strengthen me.  She’s constantly reviewing how I look from day to day to see progress or signs that may suggest Graft Versus Host Disease.  She writes down and addresses concerns we have when we meet with the doctor each time. Every day she is my nurse cleaning my PICC line.  In addition if there’s a medication or symptom that crops up she’s my research expert, burrowing into the Internet to discover what the possibilities are for harm and good.   She’s become my expert on Graft Versus Host Disease and reminds me when symptoms crop up why they are occurring.

Please don’t misunderstand.  I take full responsibility for my health and am responsible for these each day.  However each day she gently reminds me to do what I’m supposed to be doing.  She makes me accountable.  She asks tough questions.  Questions that too frequently, because I prefer to stay on the optimistic plus side of the equation, I refuse to ask myself.  She is often the very essence of the Stockdale Paradox – Confronting the Brutal Facts, yet always hoping for the best outlook for the future.  (Of course there are days when the gentle reminders are not taken that way.  Those days/times I need to remind myself of Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.")

IN reality I don’t just have a loving, caring spouse I have a catalyst that serves all three functions of the definition: Coach, Advisor, and Consultant.

A Superstar Catalyst helps you to accomplish more in a lot less time.

When it came time to decide what to do when all the “normal” chemotherapy had failed she was my rock and foundation in determining what the next step would be. We discussed the situation and due to the proximity of family, friends, and support groups, plus the stress of travel on me and our family determined we would exercise the clinical trial at University of Iowa.  Her direction and intuition were correct.

Do we have a formal priorities, metrics and meetings routine?  I’d say yes to the all three.  Priority of course is my health.  Metrics are monitored and reviewed each time I go to the University of Iowa Clinic or at each time I get my blood work checked. (More frequently when issues are occurring).  Finally our meeting rhythms are set through the University of Iowa when we meet with the doctors each week. We have a daily huddle each day when she works on my PICC line.  

Strategic Discipline works at the personal and professional level.  describe the imageMy intention this time was to provide you with some other coaches who have helped me on my journey, however the opportunity to single out my wife as the Super Star Catalyst for Valentine’s Day was too much to pass up. Forgive me if this was personal.   

Next blog will look at the other catalyst/coaches that have helped me and how the various types of catalyst can improve your business. 

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