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Thanksgiving Message – Elevated Emotions

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Wed, Nov 21, 2012

I’ve always been a believer in being thankful, however the process of meditation, reading and learning from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” has dramatically changed my belief to an absolute.  Positioning Systems Thank You resized 600Dispenza believes there are elevated emotions and survival emotions.  As we get to middle age we are even more susceptible to survival emotions which is why many resort to addictive tendencies.  Fortunately if we gravitate to the higher “elevated” emotions we can break our bad habits and become who we truly are and desire to be.

Consider this from the book, “The elevated emotions of gratitude, love, and so forth all have a higher frequency that will help you move into a state of being where you can feel as though the desired events have actually occurred. If you are in a state of greatness, then the signal you send into the quantum field is that the events have already come to pass. Giving thanks allows you to emotionally condition your body to believe that what is producing your gratitude has already happened.”

Aubrey Daniels mentions when setting priorities or goals it is best not to make these stretch goals but rather ones that can be attained.  These build momentum.  In Positioning Systems Strategic Discipline that’s exactly the approach we take.  Determine priorities, establish metrics to measure and monitor growth, then require disciplined meeting rhythms to ensure priorities and metrics are met or exceeded.  Through small victories, appreciation, and recognition, faith begins to grow. These “elevated” emotions begin to take over and soon the business is achieving much more than it ever thought possible.  Want to improve your work environment.  Visit Gratitude At Work for some ideas to extend our Strategic Discipline ideas and several inspiring videos on gratitude.  

Through meditation, your prayers, support, and contributions I've been able to move from a place where my body had leukemia to one that is completely free of it.  Can it be explained why after 5 chemotherapies, the last one, a clinical trial was able to eradicate my leukemia?  The chemotherapy I received was not prescribed clinical treatment since only half of patients get the “desired” therapy, but what Dr Carter authorized as the alternative.  It’s a miracle that it eliminated my leukemia.

My thanksgiving this year will be blessed.  I expect it to be better than any I’ve ever had.  I’m alive!  I’m on the road to recovery.  I’ve never been more aware of all the people who have cared and supported me through this trail.  I’m eternally grateful!

I have a list of whom I’m grateful for, starting with God of course.  Yet there were a number of people and groups He provided for me to help me negotiate this challenge, starting with my Physician Assistant, Kevin Heckman.   When I told him I wanted to continue to work with my clients most PA’s would have replied with absolutely not.  He was open to it. He would test me each day to ensure I had all my faculties. He wanted to make sure I was getting enough rest, alert and coherent to meet with my customers.  I can’t imagine I’d be where I am today without his approval.   Despite 7 chemotherapies and the transplant process I believe I only had to cancel one meeting with a client due to my cancer.   That might be more to do with Divine Providence scheduling than even I’m aware of!

My current customers agreed to work with me through this challenge.  I can’t thank them enough for their faith and commitment to me.  I believe I’ve been helpful to their business, yet their continued engagement with me not only gave me something to live for each day, it provided me with issues to take my mind off my challenge. Most assuredly it increased my faith that I would conquer it. 

Sunday morning when taking a shower I realized once again how wonderful it is to be home.  To be out of the hospital, not have pole full of IV fluids and drugs to tug along each time you go to the bathroom.  Simply having a bathroom and a large towel to wipe up with is a blessing instead of having to use three small ones to complete the job.  If you’ve never had to stay for any extended time in a hospital you have no idea how good it feels to be out, and have your freedom again.

My nurses were remarkable, both in seeing to my needs and accepting me.   One of the doctors didn’t appreciate my signs on my hospital door that I was in a meeting or meditating.  More than one of my nurses stuck up for me.  They were always courteous and attentive to my every need.

Dr Carter who took primary care of my leukemia treatment and Dr. Margarida Silverman who also administered to me through this treatment and is now my transplant doctor are remarkable dedicated physicians.  Dr. Carter called me late one evening after I’d gotten out of the hospital to okay my trip to Arizona before transplant admission.   It showed great dedication and concern for his patient to call and give me this good news. 

I’m fearful that I may forget someone, and if you are someone who expected to be thanked in this message please forgive me if I don’t mention your name specifically.  Everyone who contributed to my health and well-being is appreciated.  I only wish I had the time and energy to give back to you as you’ve given to me. 

Several of my clients past and present made a special effort to help me.   Alan Fendrich, who lives in Israel now met with me almost every week and got me to get started with meditation again.  Dennis Haefner, my client who successfully sold his business, was the first to visit me and continued to even up to the present.  Henry Ful offered much advice and encouragement, even offering to prepay his January 2013 coaching fee to help me and my family.   Steve Petersen visits me frequently, bringing a fruit smoothie almost every time to help nourish me back to health. Roger Vorhies visited me several times, but was confronted with the sign on the door that held him out.  He offered the doctor’s comment, “That’s the hardest working patient I’ve got.”  Rock LaManna just visited me last week and was a constant voice of encouragement through my treatments.  His prayers, messages and financial contribution have helped immensely.  Zalman Vitenson provided financial support and a shoulder to lean on even though he was going through a difficult time of his own, with the loss of his mother and an ungrateful Board of Directors.

Where do I start with family and friends?   My wife Michelle has had to endure so much.  Often times I believe this ordeal have been much tougher on her than me.  With two teenagers at home and a busy schedule of taking care of them and the administration portion of my business I know at times she is at wit’s end.  Somehow her mere presence always made me feel better.  She visited me almost every day in the hospital and if I had not told her to stay away I’m sure it would have been every day.  She is truly unbelievable. 

Our children makes us proud, however looking back I’ve never been prouder of my son Joshua who when I was ready to give up reminded me that’s not the lessons I had taught them as a father.  It straightened me up. Made me courageous in determining a way to win despite the odds against me.  Michelle’s mom and dad, Noah my son, all provided steadfast encouragement and support.     

An old friend of mine reconnected with me after nearly 20 years, Brian Callaghan and sent me a book on the healing power of laughter.  It inspired me through the difficult first few weeks.  He remains constant in his encouragement as well.   Steve Swed one of my best friends in high school sent an immediate financial contribution that inspired my faith when I was most concerned about how this might affect my family’s future. He also connected me with an old classmate, Sue Kallas who had conquered cancer some 30 years earlier.  She served as a beacon of hope for my recovery.

The list of friends couldn’t be complete without mentioning Mike and Gayle Richardson who devoted so much time to my benefits and continue to provide support, encouragement.  We’ve had several wonderful carry out dinners of Zoey’s pizza with them and they often visited in the hospital as well. 

Wade Hiner has been absolutely remarkable.  He helped take over my efforts with Sports World and got the network group, Breakfast of Champions (BOC), that I’d just joined to support this cause as well as the basketball benefit and auction that the Richardson’s planned.  Seems like every time we ran into an obstacle Wade knew someone or some way to overcome it.  His family is remarkable as well.  At the pancake breakfast BOC sponsored his daughter, presented me with a card signed by several schools and groups that overwhelmed me. 

Dan and Lisa McGovern who visited us again this Sunday have been a constant support and source of encouragement.  Dan worked with me on Sports World and has been a good friend for many years.  Our boys are the same ages and we’ve been through the baseball and basketball schedules, and somehow he managed to put up with my frequent outbursts with officials. Lisa has been a source of strength and ear for Michelle. 

My church has been absolutely unbelievable as well.  Starting with Reverend Brenda, Barb Buchanan, Jan Griffith, Susan Liddell, Penelope and a host of others, Unity has been faith building, and spiritually nourishing at every stage of my treatment and recovery.   

Signaling out people there’s always a danger you miss someone.  This list could be much, much longer. I’m overcome with emotion as I complete this blog.  It’s been a long journey from February 25th to the present.  It’s still not over.  The reports are encouraging.  I’m uplifted by everyone who offered their help to me and my family!  I believe what goes around comes around.  Somehow some way if I cannot personally repay you, your reward will come from the universe!  Remember to express your gratitude toward others! I am a witness to achieving great things through appreciation.    Elevated emotions can create a bright future for you! 

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