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Relieve Stress With Meeting Rhythms

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Thu, Dec 15, 2011

At this time of year it’s very common to find people exhibiting high stress levels.  A trip for groceries, or to the hardware store, takes a bit longer due to long lines and depending on where you live the weather.

What’s the cause of stress? 

According to The Power of Full Engagement the source of stress is Unfinished Business.  When we have a lot on our plate to complete don’t we feel our stress levels go up?  The trip to pick something up builds tension when it takes longer because we know we have a long to do list. Delays only cause us to fall further behind.

Frequently we’re not even clear what's causing stress. We haven’t  tracked what we need to get done.  Add to it the activities and projects those who report to us should be getting done and it’s not hard to see why people can go postal this time of year.

Strategic Discipline focuses on identifying priorities, putting metrics in place to measure your progress on priorities (including success criteria) and then establishing meeting rhythms to ensure vigilance is maintained on achieving your priorities.  Included in the weekly meeting is a step on the agenda to review accountabilities.  (If you have trouble tracking accountabilities with your team, send me an email for Gazelles accountability spreadsheet.)WWW Accountability Chart resized 600

By establishing meeting rhythms, including a weekly accountability check, you’ll remove some of the pressure and tension that comes with remembering your personal and delegated accountabilities.  It won’t relieve the pressure of getting it done. It will relieve that gnawing feeling of wondering what you and your subordinates forgot to do.  It might be the perfect tool to help you this last week before Christmas in your personal life as well.

Established meetings develop routines that relieve communication gaps, providing a pattern that increase structure and stability.  When change occurs in your organization, an established meeting routine at the same time each week provides balance.  This offers security and comfort in the face of the challenge, adversity and chaos that change often brings.  

The next week will be short or absent on blogs as I spend it on site working with my clients on several annual planning meetings. 

We’ve moved into the video world with a Positioning Systems YouTube Channel.  Check out the update on our Inspiring the Team video if you’ve not already seen it.  Expect to see more videos in the coming months.

Best Wishes for the Holidays to you and your families!  

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