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Phoenix Growth Summit Video Summary

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Sat, Oct 29, 2011

Here’s my problem. I’d like to give you as much as I can in small doses the impact ideas you can apply and learn from the Fortune Growth Summit in Phoenix.  describe the imageOn my flight back Friday I scanned my notes (reviewing increases retention).   As I poured through the pages I attached sticky notes to each segment I felt was worth a blog topic or idea.  It required 49 post it’s!   Not all of these teach a lesson on Strategic Discipline (What my marketing people demand I stick to in my blogs).  Yet all have valuable lessons for your business – anyone of which could provide you with a breakthrough.  With that in mind I plan to select the best ideas from the 49 topics I identified and deliver them to you in the days and weeks ahead.  Still I thought you might like a quick overview of the speakers and a little on each of their specific topics. 

Verne does an excellent job of interviewing the speakers at the event, and if you’re not subscribed to his newsletter you’ve not seen the following videos that are on Gazelles website.  Please review them and look for my insights and thoughts on their contributions in blogs to follow. 

Youngme Moon - Fortune Growth Summit  (Keys to Differentiating including IKEA example)

Dan Pink - Fortune Growth Summit  (If then rewards, money as a motivator, and the power of purpose)

Alan Miltz - Fortune Growth Summit  (Why you’re too focused on profit – Borrow to fuel growth not cover up management mistakes)

Bob Parsons - Fortune Growth Summit (Don’t advertise unless you produce this)

Travis Bradberry - Fortune Growth Summit (Are you promoting the right people by focusing too much on metrics?)

Sally Hogshead - Fortune Growth Summit (How to tap into your strengths to develop your personality brand and become FASCINATING!)

Todd Klein - Fortune Growth Summit (Eight traits of transforming companies)

Take some time to review them.  If you discover something you’d like me to dedicate more time to please let me know.  Learning is an obsession to me.  When I write and share this information with my readers and clients I’m learning it twice.  Send me an email if there’s something on any of these speakers’ topics you’d like me to delve into more. 

Look to my blog in the days ahead for much more on these and several other presenters.  

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