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Casey Anthony’s Verdict Lesson for Strategic Discipline

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Fri, Jul 8, 2011

Count me as naive or possibly someone who didn’t follow the Casey Anthony case close enough to be surprised by the verdict.  Just so you don’t think I’m totally out of touch I was stunned by the verdict in the OJ Simpson trial. Casey Anthony Not guilty resized 600

The Casey Anthony verdict should remind you how frequently there can be a disconnect between your communication with your staff and the intended response and reception.  In a jury trial you are never aware of how the jury is responding.  The attorneys on either side are unable to question or receive feedback from the jury unless the jury specifically requests it.  Even then there is no direct back and forth communication with the jury.  How do you know how your employees understand your expressed communication unless you observe their response and ask for feedback?

Strategic Discipline requires meetings that provide customer and employee feedback.  The intention in these meetings is that the executive team is observing, listening and sensing the way employees are working and responding in the work environment.  These observations are to be reported on a weekly basis.   There should never be any surprises when this type of employee feedback is consistently provided.

If you were surprised by the Casey Anthony Verdict, asks yourself how well you feel your communication is working in your business.  Review the questions asked in Employee Engagement:  Answer These Employee Questions?  How well are you answering these important employee questions?  Do your employees know your top priorities for the year, the quarter?   Can your executive team write your strategy in one statement, let alone your staff? 

Where are we going, why are we going there, and what are the measurements that we are expected to achieve?  How well do your employees know the answers for these questions in your business?

You have the opportunity to directly receive feedback from your employees to know how well they understand your company’s mission and its priorities.  When you look at the result of the Casey Anthony verdict, question how well your message is being communicated and received by your team.  It may provide the answer to what needs to immediately change in your business to make a significant difference in your growth.  

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