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Rockefeller Habits Checklist – Your Business Symphony

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Tue, Feb 1, 2011

Saturday evening I attended my youngest son Noah’s concerts.  The coordination between orchestra sections and individual students at the sixth, seventh and eighth grade level can be challenging, yet it’s surprising how much harmony a group of 60 or more 12-14 year olds can offer.  This orchestra mixed students from the different high school middle schools in the area.  They only had a couple of practices and yet performed remarkably well.  When it comes together it really is inspiring.

Noah Orchestra

Your business requires the same level of integration.  I’ve seen businesses transform from chaos to complete harmony and orchestration.  From total anarchy, bedlam and disarray to complete harmony, organization, calmness and systematic precision.

Is your business a symphony?   The reason an orchestra can bring people from different schools together and perform together well has to do with the structure they all agree upon.  The sheet music they use has the same uniform principles. 

Great companies understand this principle and make sure to use unifying principles to establish the same sheet music to help everyone get on the same page.  They have identified Core Values, Purpose, Brand Promise and Core Competencies that everyone in the organization understands.  They establish Strategic Discipline by having meeting, metrics and priorities that everyone agrees to. 

Want to build your business into one that achieves harmony and balance?  The One Page Strategic Plan is one tool you can utilize to get everyone on the same page.  The Rockefeller Habits Checklist is perhaps the best tool to help you achieve the proper discipline to coordinate and synthesize your business into the disciplined operation you need to be successful.  The checklist provides those elements that distinguish your business from one that lives in chaos versus one that is the impeccably organized where the executive team has measurements to ensure priorities are being followed, meetings are structured, rhythmically followed and attended, and customer and employee feedback provide necessary data for quick and prescient decision making.  Getting your business to the 9 – 10 level on every item on the Rockefeller Habits checklist means you’re humming along. The executive team is focused on the future with ample time each week to plan strategically. 

The newspaper provided a story on my client who moved from chaos to selling his business, while doubling in revenue in 8 years.  The story isn’t about just growth, it’s about Dennis achieving exactly what he set out to.  Read more about how Dennis moved the needle from frustration to his ultimate goal of selling his business SOFTWARE FIRM THRIVES WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE FOCUS

With the right Strategic Discipline you can develop your business into the vision you have for it.   It doesn’t require a miracle.  It requires dedication, commitment and a serious amount of discipline.  Download the Rockefeller Habits Checklist now to discover what you need to build your business into the vision you’ve dreamed of.  

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