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A New Baby Makes One Thing Clear

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Thu, Sep 30, 2010

A weekend ago I was in Port Washington spending time with my oldest son, his wife and my grandchild, Sophia Daniela .   I’Sophie m a grandfather for the first time, with two sons at home twelve and fifteen.  Watching my two youngest boys, my wife, my oldest son, and his wife enthralled with this young darling of 6 weeks was amazing.  It brought back emotional memories of when my three sons were all little and how important they were to me at that time.  For my oldest and his wife Kim, Sophia was all they could talk about.  If you’ve had children you know a baby completely changes your life, not only your schedule but how you prioritize.  Can you remember how children changed your life?  Chances are you can’t now.  Become a grandfather, and you’ll suddenly be enlightened again.  It was what this visit was about.  To meet her.  To get to know her.  To give her our love.

Babies are a miracle and they deserve all the attention they receive.  For a generous period of time this will be all that occupies my son and his wife’s attention.  It helped remind me why choosing ONE THING in your business is so important.  It’s all about priorities.  This child will never be neglected due to the unconditional love, support, dedication and commitment her parents have.  Sophia is going to be nurtured into an outstanding child due to this unchallenged focus. 

Most of us face multiple challenges with our businesses.  We can never conquer them all nor give each the attention we feel they deserve.  Yet just as with a new child, if we focus on just ONE THING, we can conquer it.  We can overcome the most difficult of obstacles, solve a problem and even make a frustration a strength in our business with enough dedication, commitment and attention. 

A child at birth is completely reliant on the devotion of its parents and family members.  Yet with the complete focus and commitment it manages to grow and achieve adulthood and stand on its own. 

The challenges you face in your business can be isolated and mastered with the ONE THING mentality.  Choose to determine what your ONE THING is.  I assure you it will not require a lifetime of nurturing.  Attempt to conquer all your challenges at once and you’ll be miserable.  Plus you’ll accomplish very little. Isolating your greatest priority and focusing all your capabilities to defeat it is the simplest and surest avenue to success.

Do you ever wonder why your sales team estimates their sales too generously?  Perhaps they are using the wrong tool to determine what they are capable of converting.  Insights into this next blog.  

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