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E-Myth Mastery Challenges

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Wed, Jun 25, 2008

As a Certified E-Myth Coach for over ten years I’m well aware of the value E-Myth Mastery provided business owners with the opportunity to create systems for their business. The Program provided step-by-step documented processes to transform a business with very little structure into an organized, systematic, policy driven company that would produce consistent, predictable results.   What’s wrong with that? Absolutely nothing, yet many clients never achieved this degree of success. The challenge often became that the owner became so absorbed in developing systems that he replaced the tactical work in the business with the strategic work ON the business. Many an owner became disillusioned with the process of E-Myth Mastery due to this substitutional approach.    One form of tyranny [working in the business had been supplanted by another [working ON].

Over ten years of experience coaching E-Myth Mastery taught us the critical importance of focusing on the leader’s strength, narrowing their emphasis to their area of passion and then working on the two fundamental aspects of leadership that provide for growth and the eventual freedom of the owner, delegation and prediction.

Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, by Verne Harnish is the next step in developing your small to mid-sized business. It teaches the important principles rooted in Jim Collins Good to Great, and adds significant elements of the best practices and thought leaders of our day to continually help your business grow and meet the demanding and changing landscape that is our world today

The most common and difficult belief for a small business owner is that even if they are a one person business they can acquire the freedom Michael Gerber describes in his book without some additional sacrifice of time, energy and routine to achieve success.

It is ironic that most business owners start their business with a desire to gain personal and financial freedom, yet fail to recognize that in order to achieve this it requires them to become more disciplined, routinized and structured then they ever have been in the past. In order to achieve the success they desire they will need to be the model of these attributes and since the business is a reflection of themselves [as Michael so keenly points out] few achieve success until they change who they are and become the model of consistency and predictability.

That is why routine and discipline is so important. Until the owner becomes the disciplined, structured individual his business can not be. 

That’s what makes the Rockefeller Habits [Gazelles] tools so critical. They provide the business owner with the virtually indispensible equipment to become more disciplined and routine so their company and even they themselves can thrive and ultimately achieve their goals.

More importantly most CEOs and business owners have no patience for anything except that which can be put to work immediately to solve the challenges that come with building a company.  They want tools that can be taught simply and quickly. Gazelle’s tools offer simple, practical tools that can be rapidly applied, generating immediate impact and results. Listen to Scott Bennett’s testimonial on the impact his firm realized in a short period of time after having his executive team participate in the Rockefeller Habits Private 2-Day Workshop [Download and Listen To MP3 File]

Business owners need foundational tools that impact their business long term. Many times these tools require time to see their impact. Gazelle’s tools provide the perfect blend of long and short term applications that set the table for your firm’s immediate growth.

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