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Marketing Questions – Reality Marketing Revolution – Growth Summit

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Tue, Apr 20, 2010

Eric Keiles and Mike Lieberman authors of Reality Marketing Revolution, asked thought provoking questions and let us know that the old model for marketing is broken.  The good news you can change your behavior and find a way to position your company as remarkable.

Here are a few of the questions they asked during a spirited 60 minute presentation.

  • How would you go about choosing a new vendor? [Hint the average person makes 22 web searches a day - Why would your customer be any different?]
  • What percentage of your revenue should you invest in Marketing?
    • 3% [our Growth Summit audience voted 65%]
    • 1% [30%]
    • 0 [5%]

§ No formula - it depends on your goals [Good topic for another blog - how to set goals]

  • Marketing's number one goal is to get your name out there. True or False? [82% of our Growth Summit audience voted No - #1 goal is contacts.]
  • What should be the purpose of your website?
    • Get Prospects [Growth Summit audience voted 32%]
    • Get to searchers to know your company [Growth Summit audience voted 4%]
    • Build a database of contacts [29%]
    • Sell while you're sleeping [35%]

§ [Answer: All of the above]

  • What are the 4 key questions for your marketing?
    • Who is your target market?
    • What pains and problems do they have?
    • How does your company solve these problems?
    • How can you make those solutions "remarkable!"

They had a great story to tell about how one of their clients, Happy Lawn [A Gazelle's client we use as an example for X-Factor] finds a way to be remarkable.  I hope to tell you this story in another blog.

Finally the absolute most important aspect of marketing..... TRACK IT! [Quantification]

Don't believe you can change or that marketing has changed?  In 1940 what did the average American family eat for breakfast each morning?  [Bacon & Eggs]  When the war came and women moved into the workplace that changed dramatically.  There was no time to make breakfast.  Cereal began to take over. In 1940 how many brands of cereal were there?  Just one, Corn Flakes.  Today the average supermarket has 63 breakfast cereal options. 

It's a good time to consider changing your behavior on Marketing don't you think?


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