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Confidence Part II

Posted by Douglas A Wick on Tue, Sep 2, 2014

We spoke on confidence before in Where Does Confidence Come From? Giving Positive Reinforcement.  A reader posted a comment to LinkedIn reminding me of another place where confidence comes from.

We may not recognize this because it often happens subtly.  Build Confidence resized 600When we set high goals for ourselves it can require the need to hear or learn from someone else’s experience who achieved success before we believe we can accomplish it ourselves.

The first people to give us confidence where are parents.  The average cruising toddler falls 38 times a day. Imagine today if we fell 38 times a day?  Would you get back up and try again?  Would you quit and figure walking just isn’t for me?

In my life I can recall many people beyond my parents who nurtured and supported me to build my confidence.  In life and particularly basketball it was first my brother Gary and then my high school basketball coach Gene Wick, who just happened to have the same last name as me.  In college a professor in broadcasting fed my desire to learn broadcasting and then helped me create a survey to influence customers to buy the radio station I was a salesperson for.  My first real sales job included a Sales Manager, Paul Chasteen, who mentored and trained me on how to sell and how radio would work to deliver results for my customers. 

In my biggest challenge overcoming Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a good friend and former classmate reminded me of one of our classmates, Sue Kallas, who defeated cancer immediately after college. Sue’s comforting calls and reassurance gave me the confidence that I too could beat my cancer!

Having a mentor, a coach, or someone who simply supports and believes in you is essential to achieving success. 

Imagine you’re going to explore the Amazon River, or climb Mount Kilimanjaro—Africa’s highest mountain.  What kind of preparation would you need and want?  Wouldn't you want a guide who has done this before to ensure your safety and success?

If you’re looking for ways to increase your self-confidence consider 10 Ways to Instantly Build Self Confidence.  They’re all helpful and can certainly spark an upliftment in your confidence.  Having the right attitude alone, something that requires discipline and persistence to harness, is invaluable.

Yet to truly nurture confidence there’s nothing like someone who believes in you, who unconditionally supports and recognizes your efforts, lifts you up when you fall, and encourages you when you simply don’t feel you have the strength to continue.  They see, recognize what you can become, when you’re blind to your potential and capabilities.

Having a mentor, a coach, a zealot who has your back always, is often the difference between success and failure.

Can you recall someone in your life like this? 

Belief is one part of the equation.  Accountability is another.  Combine the two and you have a confidence tandem that is maniacal.  

What do I mean by that?  Achieving anything of value requires a relentless, persistent, incessant, and unwavering commitment to your priority.

The confidence to achieve success demands these qualities in steep proportions. 

What’s the environment in your business like?  Do you have this type of support structure in your company?  Meeting Rhythms, part of the Strategic Discipline best practice create a communication pattern that reinforces positive rituals. Quarterly meetings open with a focus on achievement first in the leader’s specific area and then bragging on others accomplishments.

Several companies have developed a mentoring program to help their new employees learn the business and encourage development.  It requires an eager and hungry employee as well as someone who enjoys giving back and teaching.

Want to learn more about how to develop your team and build a business focused on growth.  Download the Mastering the Rockefeller Habits Four Decision Workshop flyerRegister to attend this event November 12th in Cedar Rapids.

What does an quarterly meeting look like?  We’ll explore that next blog. 

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