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The Needs Assessment is an online tool focused on the  4-3-2-1 Formula that Rockefeller Habits and Gazelles developed based on Top Thought Leadership thinkers (Good to Great, Jim Collins, Harvard Business Review, etc.,) and the World's Best Business Practices.  They've been successful in transforming and spurting growth in small to mid-sized business like yours.  

There are five sections to the Needs Assessment.  

Four Decision Questions that every business needs to get right to grow: People, Strategy, Execution, Cash.  

The fifth section is specifically dedicated to completing the Rockefeller Habits Checklist which helps you to see where you are in terms of being able to spend more investing strategic time in your business.   

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You're entire leadership team can participate in this On Line Assessment If you want full reporting and everyone's input. The Needs Assessment is an effective self-evaluation tool for determining what's going on in your business and that it also provides the dual purpose to determine what are your conditions of satisfaction and whether or not it makes sense to movie forward with the Rockefeller Habits Positioning Systems Strategic Discipline Coaching Relationship.